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2012.11.19, 09:52 AM
Circuit of the Americas.
What a great track!
Hopefully yesterdays GP can resurrect the F1 interest in the US.

I really enjoyed the race. Anyone else saw it? Maybe someone here even got to be there?

BTW. Bernie are now talking of two more races in USA in the near future:) Hopefully on proper circuits:p

2012.11.19, 10:12 AM
I caught qualifying and it motivated me to head downstairs and give my F1s a re-tweaking. Worked on an old Atomic F1 mount and turned it into a flat motor configuration. Caught a bit of the race but got busy with other stuff, hoping there's a late-night replay sometime!

2012.11.19, 10:57 AM
great race and the low grip made for some great racing.

Very nice circuit but they need to work on camera positions. The angles and the position of the sun made it shadowy and hard to tell cars/drivers from outside car footage.

I hope they get some more racing on it. the asphalt needs to get a groove/grip worked into it.