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2012.11.19, 08:22 PM
The first batch of MC3 programmable transponders and USB programmers are now ready for sale.

The programmable transponders currently work with the TRP Giro-Z system and are programmable from numbers 1-29 with the use of the optional USB programmer. We will program the transponder to whatever number you want when purchasing, just make sure to put in special instructions section of your order.

We have used very high quality components while also achieving the goal of a more economical option for those with Giro-Z systems. Both pieces are "Made In Canada".

Other features include the ability to save a text string within the transponder. This can be used to identify each transponder if you have more than one, i.e. personally have more than one, or a club like us and use as handout transponders to racers.

Instructions are being uploaded to our site shortly and we hope to have some videos shortly.

Board size is approx 16 x16mm and with shrinkwrap is 17 x 19mm; Weight 1.84g

The transponders also come with a poly fuse incorporated to ensure that if there is a fault in the unit, the fuse will open and protect your mini-Z board.

The programmer is able to program the transponders without having to have them installed on the car, i.e. the adapter is capable to power the transponder by itself.

Stay tuned for more electronic parts coming soon!!

unearthed name
2012.11.19, 09:43 PM
pm me price and how much to send to indonesia?

2012.11.19, 10:08 PM
looking forward to pricing!

opps, that info is already up on your site. just need to wait for my hobby funds to be released by the overseer.

2012.11.19, 10:13 PM
I didn't know if posting pricing was ethical,but since you posted, i assume it is.

Transponder is $34.99 Canadian (approx $35 USD/ 27 € )

USB programmer is $29.99 Canadian (approx $30 USD/ 24 €)

Based on demand, we may look produce overseas, which would probably reduce the price considerably.

2012.11.20, 06:46 AM
it's relevant to the product information vs. sales promotion. as an alternative to the giro-z transponder, it's always good to know what the cost comparison is.

2012.11.20, 08:56 PM
Manuals are now available on MC3 website. Thanks for the many emails and support.


Videos will be added soon.