View Full Version : Adjusting atomic bal dif (TAR-181)

2012.11.22, 09:23 AM
Hi All
I just got myself a new TAR-181 atomic ball diff. Now as there is no instalation or setup manual with this. I find myself with a few questions and before wrecking everything I wanted to ask it here.

I saw some pictures on how to adjust the slip , so I inserted the small pin in the hole off the dif and from what i can see I need to turn one of the tires forward or backward in order to adjust the strength? Wel I tried this several times sometimes with some force but noting moves and i'm afraid if I force it more i will break a swingshaft or other parts. so anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong.
2nd question , do i need to open the diff and oil it already or is this already done and ready to install right out of the box?

thanks for a reply


2012.11.22, 09:53 AM
sorry all, but the site did hang while submitting this thread and now it's tripled.. and apparently i cannot delete..