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2012.11.22, 04:14 PM
So thought I'd post here.. since it seems the only place to find fellow mini-z owners in the GTA.

I used to be a xmods fan boy when I was in my teens and was introduced to mini-zs when I got my ass handed to me at some event many years back. I dropped the 1:28th scale at that time and went to 1:10th drifting... than dropped that for the real deal ;)

and now I'm back to 1:28ths! with a MR-01. lol got it cheap with everything needed.. plus a few mods and now I find myself wasting some money and trying to find a place to practice!

I'll probably come out tomorrow to check out the scene and buy some stuff, maybe try my hand at a few laps, hopefully not getting in peoples way!

I'd love to upload a pic of my car, but its apart right now.. anyways heres my real car :D

a year ago

currently also apart for some upgrades!

2012.11.22, 05:58 PM
I used to own a high performance company a long time ago so i love the real car aspect too but drive ordinary vehicles now. Oh well...

See you tomorrow