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2002.08.07, 03:44 PM
I have finaly had some time to post all my track photes from start to finish, along with some other misc projects on my web site. Nothing fancy just a place to hold my pictures and other stuff. Enjoy!

www.itsallbutstraw.com (http://www.itsallbutstraw.com)

2002.08.07, 04:23 PM
that's one of the nicecest tracks i've seen.... the banked turns look amazing.... good job man....:)

2002.08.07, 04:29 PM
...:confused: Wedginator took the words from my mouth!!!

Not 100% shure, but I think that it was Draconious who made that kind of tracklayout's with some CAD tools like Autocad or something.

2002.08.07, 06:19 PM
Thank you for being one of the ONLY sites that actually goes into the details of building it.

Excellent work.

2002.08.07, 06:51 PM
hubba hubba roaaaar.......

amazing track, absolutely fab

:D ;)

2002.08.07, 07:57 PM
My car's itchin to ride those banks! (even from it's shipping box @ kyosho)

2002.08.07, 08:39 PM
Thanks for all the complements guys! My wife will tell you I spent a great deal of time building it. I had as much fun making it as I do racing on it. Me and a couple of my friends race on it at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. I found a few flaws with it but I am remedying those now. Thanks again!

2002.08.07, 08:56 PM
SimpsonRC took down their info about their lap counter.

Care to shine some light on the schematics?

2002.08.08, 02:25 AM
akaKillroy, this is truly a world-class track!

2002.08.08, 02:32 AM
I bet everyone who seen it want's to race it!

2002.08.08, 03:19 AM
cool site and cool tracks... just curious... what pinion do you use?

2002.08.08, 03:28 AM
jes Qrious do you have an anouncer?

That track deserves one

2002.08.08, 06:36 AM
The software does all the announcing... *grin*

so yes, he does have an announcer :-P

2002.08.08, 10:24 AM
Great site and awesome track!!! You must have one understanding wife. Must get her to talk to mine, because she still doesn't get it! Still working on her though.

2002.08.08, 02:20 PM
ScottMcLeod, I am preparing some more information and pictures on my lap counter. It is a very simple design. Here is the link to where I got my basic design. But instead of using IR LED's I used the laser pointers. I power the laser pointers right off the 5+ on the joystick connector. However I use some 1K pull-up resistors to lower the current draw from the lasers but still supply 5+ to them. I can power up to 8 lasers (or more) using this design. If you have any questions please let me know.


2002.08.08, 03:34 PM
hey thats the same software that i use. great stuff. i talked to the author yesterday and he said that he'll still be opdating the laptimer2000. just check now and then on his site..;)

2002.08.08, 06:09 PM
I have now posted a Project section on my site that includes the lap counter I made along with some instructions for building one (not complete) and several pictures in case you are interested.


2002.08.09, 06:34 AM
Nice lookin' track! how fast is it?

2002.08.09, 07:17 PM
I have updated my site (Again). I have completed pictures of my lap counter, and some extra projects I am working on.


2002.08.09, 07:26 PM

Well even with an x-speed motor and a turbo you can open them up along the long straight and bank, but the hairpin turn at the end will get you every time. I am going to have to put somthing soft on the pole by the hairpin because a friend has already wiped out a F1 on it. If he would keep all 4's on the track he woudn't have that problem! :-)

2002.08.26, 03:49 PM
my track is under construction.......but I plan to add some banks around the outside edge........ My wife might not like it, but "the basement is mine" plus I spent the summer gutting and remodeling the kitchen so she should cut me some slack!!!! anyway that is sweet azz track u got there carl!!!!

2002.08.26, 05:45 PM
I shot some DV last week of a couple of us racing F1's. I will convert to DIVX and post soon so you can see how fast it is. I am a bit disapointed with my new F1 because it seems a bit slow. But I am a use to running my NSX with the Turbo and 9t gear and foamies. Its FAST. The F1 is quick but not as quick. One cool thing is that back tursn the F1 tends to ride up the wall! I think my F1 has been hanging arround with my Mach 5!

2002.08.26, 07:38 PM
Killroy, any plans of setting up a club in your area?

I'm writing my review, and listing your track as:

"Private tracks that SHOULD be public..." (because they're so damn nice)

I linked to your site.

2002.08.27, 07:38 PM

Where did you get your lasers from. I'm building the Lapcounter as we speak just need the 5 dollar lasers


2002.08.27, 07:39 PM
Talk to drac. he says he can get them real cheap.

2002.08.28, 01:42 PM
In case anyone is interested my webcam is back up, the address has changed though. I will leave it up all the time, however there may not always be activity just a shot of the track. I tried to get the camera as high and as far back as I could to get a full shot of the track but this is the best I can do. the room is only 16x30 and the track is 12x24.

2002.08.28, 01:52 PM

This track is in my basement, and at this time I have no plans to make this a club or public track. My wife would divorce me if I even considered the idea. If it ever becomes a club, it will be only close friends and maybe relatives.

Yes you can link to my site if you like. Please link to the main page though, I have the counter connected to that page only. I am working on setting up a counter for all the pages, once I have done that you can link directly to the page you want.



I found my lasers on the net for $4.99 each, but beware of the CHEEP laser they are not made very well and I destroyed 4 of the 8 lasers I had because they are very fragile. If you are going to make a laser lap counter do it right and but GOOD pointers. There are a couple places that sell laser pointer/hobby modules for about $10-15. I recently purchased 5 brand new modules from Radio Shack for $10 each. They are very nice and I am already in the process of building a new gantry and for the new lasers. (I will post pictures soon). I am going to make it out of PVC pipe and adjustable laser mounts for easy adjustments.

2002.08.28, 02:22 PM
Alright, thanks killroy.

Can you tell us when you'll be racing?

2002.08.28, 07:45 PM
I am going to do some practicing :-) later tonight I am CST USA say about 9PM I have been down there tonight already fixing a spot on the far turn (2X4 + F1 = Ouch!) a support for the shelf above was being a bit detrimental to our cars health so I took the old one out and put two new ones in and raised the wall height to keep the cars on the track in that spot. Now I am ready for a little bit of track time. When I get times and dates when we are going to race again I can let you know. I may only be able to give a few hours notice.

2002.08.28, 07:51 PM

I setup a new counter on my site (counts every page) so you can link to the page you want to show now. (If you havn't already).

2002.08.28, 08:29 PM
Do you have any instant messaging programs?

2002.08.29, 07:26 PM
akaKillroy, I just saw you walk by, how cool! Great track, and please post any time you plan on racing so we can all watch!

2002.08.29, 07:35 PM
hey run a car akakillroy, we're all watching:D

2002.08.29, 07:54 PM
I have a little alarm that sounds when someone hits the webcam, I tried to wave, if anyone was there. I am going to run my F1 for a bit and then my NSX with foamies it is MUCH faster than my FI :-)

2002.08.29, 07:57 PM
:-) can't stay long I need to give my grandson a bath and get him ready for bed. I may be back later say arround 9PM CST USA.

2002.08.29, 08:05 PM
Sorry guys got to go for now. Be back later.

2002.08.29, 08:19 PM
When's 9PM CST in EST terms? is it forward or back?

2002.08.29, 08:19 PM
nice driving akakillroy:D :D :D

2002.09.08, 10:55 PM
I have updated my web site; I have added pictures of my cars and a new removable antenna (The old one didn't work too well). I am also in the process of adding a second web cam for when we are racing. Nothing new on the track though. I did make a few repairs though (a couple areas where it was hazardous on the cars if they left the track there). I have also added a forum for general discussions, there is a MINI-Z section there. I am open for forum topics.


Link to the new pictures:


Link to the forums (A bit sparse at the present):


2002.09.08, 10:59 PM
You need to get an instant messaging program to tell us when you're going to be online... I want to watch your style with your F1... i just got one and i'm very new to driving it.

2002.09.29, 03:58 PM
Just wanted you all to know that I am updating my site and that I have set up the old site again so that you can get to all the pictures (I notices there was a lot of hits to specific pages). I will slowly move all the content of the old site over to the new site, and add much more. I new forum, and a new section everyone can add news topics and stories, as well as upload their own picture galleries. But in the mean time you can still access all the content of the OLD site using the original links now or you can go to the Main page by clicking here www.itsallbutstraw.com/indexold.htm

The new site will be at: www.itsallbutstraw.com or if you prefer a shorter utr, you can go to www.frivolousstuff.com.

Please login and get a pssword, and give me an opinion in the poll "What do you think is a better name for this site!"

Sorry about the broken links before.

2002.09.29, 05:11 PM
That track just looks better and better, excellent work and 1 of the finest "Home made" I've seen pic's on. :)

But I don't have a name for your site...


2002.09.29, 06:09 PM
I kinda liked itsallbutstraw.com

... frivolous stuff is kinda hard to spell, and sounds kinda "trend-whore" as my friend would call it.

Itsallbutstraw comes out of nowhere, and sounds cool.

I still have YET to see you on the webcam racing your car aorund. Can you post the link again and a time that you'll be on it (EST, CST, and PST?)

2002.09.29, 06:42 PM
I will be putting the Webcam up soon, I just have not had a lot of time these past few weeks. A number of BIG projects at work have taken all my free time. They are all coming to a close this first week of October so I will have my life back again! I will also start capturing pictures of our racing events so I can post those as well. The server is down because we havn't raced in a while, so there was no sence in showing an empty racetrack :).