View Full Version : kyosho dnano

2012.11.24, 12:05 PM
does any one know what the stock tire compound is for the dnano fronts

2012.11.24, 12:41 PM
Stock is 50 front/10rear.

2012.11.25, 12:05 AM
I will say having gone through over 20 pairs of front. The stock ones are suppose to be 50 but I consistantly saw more traction with a fresh set of 50's then a fresh set from out of the box of a new car. I'd swear the box stock felt like a 55 (which doesn't exist). They were always between a 60 and fresh set of 50's.

I guess what I'm saying is, expect a replacement set of 50's to have a little more bite then the car did stock out of the box. At least on carpet.