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2012.11.24, 09:30 PM
Haven't been on the forum or in to Mini-Z for a while now, but lurk around periodically to see what's up. Thought this was too good to share, since I hella love hill climbs:


Hopefully the link works.

Enjoy the racing,


2012.11.24, 09:49 PM
Thanks kev....love the 7:30 mark where he clips the side cam on a cone.

Ever gonna come out to Newton to race with us? Dec 9 is the next one...;)

2012.12.07, 10:11 PM
Link works! In the words of Tommy Boy - That...Was...Awesome:) . Thanks for sharing. Love the different (And many) camera angles, great job by the team creating the vid. Oh yeah and the driver did an amazing-brilliant job!