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2012.11.25, 09:21 AM
Well at the moment I haven't made much progress. Haven't had much time. The plan is I'm trying to see if I can schedule the race for december 22. If I can then I know I can get the big garage which I work in. I know the heat works there and it will be the day after our shop party which means it will be clean and wide open with tables and chairs already set up. But if we want to do this sooner then it would have to be elsewhere. Plus they're talking about maybe the company being open that weekend and everyone working but don't have a clue what's going on at the moment. One weekend I know won't work is the 8th of december. Let everyone know what happens.

2012.11.25, 09:42 AM
december 8th is already on my calendar so i'm good for that weekend. i can't help with location as hobby works is a no go outside the store till further notice, which is god knows when. i also don't know if remnant even has the space for the BTE layout? i haven't checked but do we know what that is?

FYI, brandon has a core system he is looking to sell if anyone is interested.

2012.11.25, 12:34 PM
The reason for not being able to setup on the 8th is that the company is having a christmas party that day. I've already been told that the 8th is a no go.

2012.11.27, 08:15 PM
Well the progress is slow going but if I can make it happen the race will probably be held in a wharehouse up the street.

2012.11.27, 08:51 PM
If all else fails and we pick the layout I just suggested, you guys are always welcome here at my place on the 30th! I'll even put up some Autoscales and stuff as prizes.

2012.11.29, 12:01 PM
We'll see. I miss running with you guys in pa. Well the company decided that they're having the fleet party in January so my idea of having the race on December 22th is out the window. Possibly working on having it at another warehouse. Hopefully.

2012.11.29, 01:43 PM
We have heat, pizza and prizes... and Larry's never-ending swap meet. I've got room for 5 more racers down there.

Mike Keely
2012.11.30, 01:32 PM
I am trying to work it out to be at my new work location. I will let everyone know early next week. If I do have it at my work, everyone would have to give some form of government issued ID. Is that a problem for anyone?

2012.12.01, 10:06 PM
FYI, the schedule for 2013 (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38600) is up. be sure to mark your calendars.

Mike Keely
2012.12.03, 11:21 AM
I have received a go ahead from the tenant here at my work. Some of the Remnant guys have to work and some already have a slotcar race to go to. Lots of tables and chairs here. I just need to know who will be coming to the BTE here at my work in DC. Please add your name to the list. If we do not get a few more people I guess that we will cancel it.

Here is what I have so far:


2012.12.03, 01:55 PM
The fall back could be making the trip up to PA.

2012.12.04, 09:35 AM
I'm still working on it guys. The owner is a bit difficult to talk too. I'm definetly not against going to pa. Haven't raced with Ed and them in a long time and we have a back up if things fall through. It'll work out.

Mike Keely
2012.12.04, 01:54 PM
I would most likely go also. We could do other weekends at my work also.

2012.12.04, 04:08 PM
I finally talked to the owner and it's looking good. He is going out of town tomorrow but when he gets back we'll iron out the details. The great thing is where he will let us have the race. The company has a couple of warehouses up the street. One used to hold all the soda product we used to sell. But now that we don't sell it anymore, there is a 10,000 square foot of empty space that is not being used and he was talking about letting us use that. It's heated with a bathroom so it would be awesome if we can get it. If this happens we won't be racing till the end of the month. I will keep everyone posted.

2012.12.06, 07:20 AM
This is to let you know that Julien and I will not be able to make it to the BTE. I am away on business trip the next two weeks and we leave for Montreal on the 22nd... So, we'll see you all next year.

Mike Keely
2012.12.07, 01:10 PM
With the BTE not going on tomorrow, all of you are welcome to come over to the Remnants track. Hope to see some of you there. MK

2012.12.07, 01:13 PM
still don't have my boards back yet so looks like another weekend of domestic duties for me.

Mike Keely
2012.12.16, 05:40 PM
Any updates on this race?

2012.12.19, 10:22 AM
I got the space for the race in the warehouse up the street. I got the key from the owner this morning and will go inspect what space we have available this evening. The race will be the 29th unless that is a problem. If it is please let me know. I will keep everyone updated though it seems like haven't. I apologize, been busy lately. Forgot to mention, same story as last time. I have four wide L's but I don't have any wide turn kits or any exspanion pieces to make the complete layout. So if anyone has the wide turn kit or exspanion pieces needed to complete the layout PLEASE BRING THEM! If I'm correct it should take 3 wide L's to do the layout which I have but I believe we need a wide turn kit to complete it.

2012.12.19, 11:45 AM
A tile count I've seen for this layout but I'm not sure if it's correct because there is a tile count on the original image for this layout and that seems accurate:

Straights - 81
Start Straights - 6
Bumpout Straights - 5
Inside Corners - 12
Wide Inside Corners - 4
Outer Corners - 16


Oh wait, I see it now... that list someone put up is replacing some of the Start Straights... either way it's 87 Straights total (not including the Bumpouts).

It's been said that this is a few more tiles than 3 Wide Ls... I tend to believe it. I can't recall what comes with a Wide L kit.

Mike Keely
2012.12.19, 03:51 PM
Remnant will bring the long turn kit. Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks for your efforts to make this happen Bill. MK

Mike Keely
2012.12.23, 07:51 AM
We are trying to make our plans for car pooling down. Please let us know what time the doors will open and the address. Thank you Bill.


2012.12.23, 07:53 AM
guys, i can swing the long way around the beltway and pick up people as well. no reason i can't take some in my truck.

Mike Keely
2012.12.23, 01:18 PM
I know that there was talk of doing a 90mm race after the HFAY. We also have 4 guys with box stock cars that would love to run them with all of you if that is possible. Let us know and we can also bring them. I will have all day to race if that works for you guys. Thanks MK

2012.12.23, 01:27 PM
i shouldn't have any time constraints either. i'm up for running other classes if time permits.

2012.12.23, 02:30 PM
Sorry, I'll get the address this week. For those who have raced at my work before its in the same industrial park where I work. Basically you get off of exit 126 from I95 southbound turn left to go north on rt.1, go three lights up. The third light is where rt.1, rt.208 meet called four mile fork. As soon as you go through that light make a left turn onto industrial Dr. You'll see classic iron motorcycles on the right as you turn in and a little tire garage and the four mile fork shopping center on the left. Drive down industrial Dr then take a left on I believe is park Dr. It's the first and only left road you come up on. When you come to a dead end it will be the building on the right. It's the only building that says J.F.Fick on it.
BTW, I have a core loop system but if we want to use giro z someone is going to have to bring one. Also you might want to bring power strips and cords. It's a nice place but there will be pallets of drinks everywhere so I don't know how many outlets there are. But there should be plenty of room. Also I was thinking if the shop I work in is empty by this weekend I might decide to hold it there. But the chance of that is very slim to none. And if I do it's only a quarter of a mile further down the street so it's still in the same industrial park.

Mike Keely
2012.12.23, 05:16 PM
Will we need to bring tables and chairs?

2012.12.23, 05:50 PM
No, I should have enough tables and chairs at work.

2012.12.27, 09:03 AM
Finally got the address

5121 Park Dr. Fredericksburg VA 22408

Hopefully the weather will be good but my weather channel app says different.

2012.12.27, 05:16 PM
what time do you want us there?

2012.12.27, 06:57 PM
what time do you want us there?

Planning on 10:00am. Hopefully start racing by noon or 1pm. Going to set up tables and chairs tomorrow night, maybe track as well so all I we have to do is add the wide turns when whoever is bringing them shows up. If not then saturday morning. Would like to know how many people are showing up so I know how many tables and chairs to set up.

Mike Keely
2012.12.27, 10:32 PM
Looks like about 7 guys from Remnant are coming. We will bring the turns and our counting system.

2012.12.28, 09:09 AM
i'll be there.

will saint and or reggie be there? i have bodies to return to them.

Mike Keely
2012.12.28, 11:03 AM
Saint will but Reggie can't make it.

2012.12.28, 12:14 PM
They're calling for a mixture of rain and snow here. What's the weather report for all of you?

2012.12.28, 12:22 PM
heard on the radio this morning:
1-3" of rain/sleet/snow between 1am-4am. no accumulation below the beltway.

it will be one of two things, what we got yesterday or christmas eave and be gone in hours or 4"+. i'm willing to be on little to nothing to worry about. i will continue to plan to attend unless you tell us otherwise. the news up here says you guys down south will just get rain so at worst i just have to drive thru some stuff leaving the northern burbs.

2012.12.28, 01:35 PM
Just double checking to make sure that everyone can make it. I keep hearing different things but I hoping there will be little to nothing as far as the weather goes. You know what happens every time I host a big track event. Remember the last race I held at work at the end of June this year? Nobody thought that a large group of raging superstorms to come through the night before leaving destruction in their path. And the first time I tried to host a big track event back in December 20th 2009. On the night of the 19th it started snowing and didn't stop until saturday late night leaving 2 feet of snow.

Mike Keely
2012.12.28, 06:52 PM
Ray will have his MV-01. He can't be stopped! :D We are meeting at Gary's track at 7:30 and should be on our way by 8. That gives us plenty of time to make it safely with some time to spare. See everyone tomorrow.

2012.12.28, 09:12 PM
are we going to run anything besides HFAY? i'll bring all the others just in case.

Mike Keely
2012.12.28, 09:16 PM
We are bringing our Box Stocks and 90mm cars also.

2012.12.29, 07:09 AM
Just to let all of you know when you find the warehouse, go to the left side of the building. You should see both a door and a big bay door next to it. If you don't see me there don't panic. I'm running a little behind this morning so I still have to grab the tables and chairs and track. Weather wise it's just cloudy. Hope to see all of you this morning.

2012.12.30, 01:41 PM
BIG thanks to bill for getting this all lined up for us!

2012.12.30, 02:55 PM
here are the pictures.

setting up the track

pit area




2012.12.30, 02:57 PM
90MM qualifier

Bill and Saint ran in an open 10 minute qualifier for best lap and ended up wiht the EXACT same time for best lap! 7.504 seconds.

90MM C Main

90MM A Main

2012.12.30, 09:47 PM
Looks like a good day!

2012.12.30, 10:41 PM
yep. sorry we didn't make it up the run with ed. trying to put something together for all of us in 2013.

2012.12.31, 06:50 AM
And I just sold my small wheelbase motor mount. :(

DC/PA Regional?... long overdue if you ask me! Just keep us in the loop so we can plan days off and such.

We are thinking skinny street class since Larry got back from NYC and ran with the Action Crew up at Maj's... seems like something we all could do.

2013.01.03, 07:55 PM
here are the 90mm class results. i can't post the hfay or hfay mod results but those should be published shortly.

mike k, 62 laps
bill c, 57 laps
saint a, 56 laps
raymond c, 49 laps
david, 46 laps
arthur, 42 laps
demone, 41 laps
dwight, 37 laps