View Full Version : MR-02 Board Compatibility

2012.11.28, 08:30 AM
Yup, project MR-02 has definitely reached the point where it would have been easier buying an actual MR-02 body set to start with. It would have probably been cheaper and would have saved a lot of dumb questions.

I've just woken up the the difference in servos btw the 02 and 03. However, a number of sites (I'm looking at you Kenon and EGR) seem to list the MZ410 board as being an 02 compatible part. What (if anything ) do I need to convert? I've seen a Mini-Z Servo Motor (2WD) from RV-Project on EGR. Would it possibly be as simple as a switch to this (or would Atomic's AWD servo fit...and work...it looks vaguely similar...)?

Or am I about the have to invest in a MZ303 board too.

Thanks all.

2012.11.28, 11:32 AM
If you want to use an 03 board in an 02 you will need to use the 02 servo motor. MZ410 has the 03 servo motor attached.