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2012.11.28, 07:46 PM
I have been waiting a few years to see what this guy was working on, since I had a similar idea in the past. He has finally released the Mag Racing cars for public sale. Along with instructions on how to build the track.


Not 100% what I was hopeing for, I was hopeing for 2.4ghz and suspension... and some car styles closer to GT or street cars.
Iit is about on par with the Mini-Z when it was first released, so it too could adapt more expensive technologies as time passes, or as home grown chassis.

The Mag Racers are a hybrid of RC and slot car racing styles. You are not dependent on the track for power, so there is no need for a pair of ugly metal slots and ditch down the center of your racing lanes.

Making a track for this is far more work then just buying a plastic slot track or some RCP track tiles, but I have a few ideas I am sending him to solve this.

You can do a lot more with your layout than cookie cutter slot car tracks, and fit a lot more turns in a smaller space then any RC track.



2012.11.28, 08:56 PM
Very cool. I was working on a project last year and contacted the people who designed the Wunderland train display in Germany. I was very interested in their magnet steering cars that were used in the largest display in the world. Works similar, but not using remote controls. Just a battery and computer board that allowed the cars to travel many different routes throughout the display.

2012.11.28, 09:05 PM
The Fuller (sp) cars? I think that company that makes those went bust. Hopefully that warehouse sized layout is still operational.

2012.11.28, 09:07 PM
Yes, the Fuller cars.

2012.11.29, 01:03 AM
Cool, but what if someone needs to be hacked? :rolleyes:

I guess I just like the freedom of RC to put the car exactly where I want it. I was lucky enough in my childhood to know a guy who had an 8 lane, multi car battery powered, oval slot track that was near perfect! We raced anywhere from Magna Tractions to the 440s and it was incredible how close the racing was within our crew. Everything about that track was perfect, he even sanded down the power rails just enough to get the juice but not interfere with the tires when the cars would get sideways. I mean he was a perfectionist when it came to this track, he even bridged the connections between the track sections so there was no click-click when you drove on the thing. Right before I got into Zs, I built a 6 lane slot oval for my nephew and his friends to race on and it was fun but left to collect dust when my nephew lost interest in it.

2012.11.29, 06:48 PM
MAG racing is all fine and dandy, but here is something that's also cool.

The future of slot car racing....Dynamic Motion Express Slots. Slot cars that are radio controlled and can pass at will...:D


2012.11.30, 08:59 AM
The whole point of Mag Racing, was to GET RID OF THE SLOT.... that just adds more!!! :)

I've seen videos of that track, forgot about it until now.
I will have to look into it as a possible rental track, it has potential, but I would have to see more...

Mag Racing has their work cut out for them, it is a lot of work to get a track up and running... even with my short cut ideas, and it has to be just so to work, so my short cut ideas may not even work.