View Full Version : What Hop Ups for the Buggy

2012.11.29, 07:32 PM
Just go my new Lazer. Ran one pack of batteries with the stock motor on hardwood floors and it was fun. Put the car on commerical basement carpet, it was so slow. Popped in a PN50t and got really quick. Just cant keep any rear traction know and the so much push with stock tires.

1. Are the PN tires really rubber?
2. What should I get first?

2012.11.29, 08:23 PM

Check out a variety of Hop-ups for the Mini-z Buggy from Atomic:


I would say KMB006-009 are must have hop-ups

2012.11.30, 04:54 AM
Structural integrity of the chassis needs improvement.
Atomic chassis protection are a musthave if you have jumps on the track

CVD's or stronger dogbones are also one thing I would make priority.
Kyosho, PN and Atomic all have options here.

Springs. For our high grip RCP we love the Reflex Racing Silver springs all around.
They are quite soft, but stiffer springs tends to make things worse. Jumping and corner speed are well handled by these.

Main shaft.
PN's main shaft with alu gears are fantastic.

The gear diffs are quite good, but they can break. The ball diffs from kyosho seems to be the way to go. Both the AWD version and the new buggy versions are both very good.

The PN tires are rubber.
The grip in our track doesnt change after some heavy buggy stints.