View Full Version : Trouble binding my new Buggy with kt18

2012.11.30, 05:34 AM
Hello. Today I got my first Mini-Z Buggy and was really excited. I already have a KT18 Transmitter so i just bought the chassis set.

Time for binding.
I hold the programming button on my KT18 and turn it on and wait until the light turns off then release the programming button now the Transmitter is in binding mode, so far no problems.

Next i grab my MB-010 and binding stick. I put batteries in the car, press and hold the binding button while I'm turning on the car. And as soon as I turn on the power the Indicator lights up with no pause. And now as soon as I release the binding button the Indicator starts blinking.

Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
Anybody have any ideas? Could it be the car?


2012.11.30, 06:32 AM
No things really ****ed up cause now I can't bind my MZM with my KT18. WHAT??

2012.11.30, 07:02 AM
Set the KT18 to it's default settings but still, I can't bind to any of my MZ's.... Any ideas?

2012.11.30, 08:34 AM
If you have reset the kt18 and it still wont pair,it would point to a transmitter fault.
I assume you have put fresh batteries in car and tx and tried that already?

2012.11.30, 08:49 AM
Yep, fresh batteries in cars and transmitter. So wierd i drove my MZM last night. Must have happend something to the KT18 when I changed to default settings.

2012.11.30, 12:14 PM
Try to go outside to bind. It can be due to a crowded 2,4 band if you have lots of other radios that are active in the vicinity, wifi etc.

We have had a couple of KT-18's that lost the ability to bind at our club. On one of them it was the trim button that went bad, and the other one were disassembled for spare parts:S

As for binding problems, we have mostly had problems with the button in the car. Rubber and grime enters the switch and it stops working.

2012.12.01, 06:34 PM
Thanks for all the replies guys! I've now tried everything and nothing worked..

I ended up going to the local hobbyshop and bought a new KT18. Having a BLAST running my Buggy now!!!