View Full Version : April 13, 2013 - HFAY S15 Race 7-8

2011.12.11, 06:47 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2013.04.03, 07:46 PM
Bump thread.

2013.04.07, 09:17 PM
thanks for the bump.

still testing the updates to zround for best lap means. hope this works for us next weekend.

2013.04.09, 07:55 PM
Looks like I'm making the trip down to NC for the ccc#2. Anyone want to tag along?

Mike Keely
2013.04.09, 09:09 PM
I think that Dwight wanted to go to that race.

2013.04.09, 09:54 PM
I wanted to check with everyone Saturday to see who wants to go and how everyone is getting there

2013.04.15, 01:04 PM
thanks to all who could make it this past Saturday! i know the weather is getting nice so indoor racing typically falls to the way side.

for those who noticed the camera, Hobby Works is working on some online advertising content and recorded some of our racing, etc. i was told after editing, etc. video's should be available on their website in about 4 weeks time. I tip my hat to Hobby Works for taking the time and effort to promote our hobby. i realize it has self serving motives but it's also good for use so mutually beneficial. :p

i tried yet again to use averaging of best times for qualifying and again got very unexpected results. this time i grabbed the files Jesus needs and will be sending those off to see what can be done to tighten up the software. using multiple laps as a basis for sorting eliminates the random TQ lap putting someone in a skill level grouping they are not an ideal fit for. i will continue to work with ZRound till this is all sorted :cool:

don't forget the CC#2 in NC is in 2 weeks! plenty of time to schedule the trip down for the day, which is a much sorter trip for our southern VA members ;)