View Full Version : May 11, 2013 - HFAY S15 Race 9-10

2011.12.11, 06:50 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2013.05.06, 12:12 PM
Bumping thread.

2013.05.06, 01:56 PM
good call. started conditioning my batteries this weekend and should be through the set by next weekend. i try to do this once a couple months.
no real changes to my car though. debating putting new tires on. just replaced the shoes on my cooper yesterday.

anyone know of a mini-z tire truer up for sale? looking to get one that can be left for the club to use.

2013.05.13, 09:55 PM
smaller crowd this time but some good racing! you guys missed a real treat, Bill rang up some amazing laps with an MR-015!

Talked with Courtney as well about kick starting Kyosho Stock class. we took this class to Remnant, after failing to get off the ground the first time at Hobby Works and it's doing VERY well. I'm going to give it another jump at Hobby Works for the 4th Saturday of every month. 2nd Saturday will be HFAY/70T and 4th Saturday will be Kyosho Stock. there is no reason why we can't run two full classes but i'll leave that up to you guys. if we can get Kyosho Stock going this time maybe we can get a jump on some other really fun classes like 90mm but i don't want to get the cart before the horse. i've updated the sticky schedule post with the dates. i understand not everyone will be able to make these dates, including myself but if we can get the ball rolling it will at a good start at getting a class going for bringing in new members at more affordable pricing, until they got hook of course and then move up to HFAY/70T.

i'm thinking different format for this one. multiple rounds of qualifying, short duration and mains with bumps. running single direction, single class this would mean wrapping up in half the time as HFAY.

i'm hoping i can get at least half the group to make this a good class at Hobby Works. it also means Courtney has to do some real hard sells to get some kits sold and drivers walking in the door to race ;) who knows, if we can building this up at Hobby Works we can try our hand at running a Beltway Challenge with Remnant for bragging rights :cool: just have to time it for summer when mike's running outside :p

don't forget, June 8th, Remnant will be running F1 and 90mm. Maybe even Kyosho Stock.

2013.05.20, 10:52 AM
Good race day indeed. I guess now the weather is getting nice, their will be a couple less people. I'm excited about reviving stock class racing again. Especially on a seperate race day from HFAY to have time to enjoy it more.