View Full Version : June 08, 2013 - HFAY Big Track Event 10

2011.12.11, 06:51 PM
Location undetermined at this point.

2013.04.28, 07:24 PM
what are guys thoughts on making this a remnant rules 90mm/f1 and maybe box stock event at remnant? i know for sure we can get 2 classes in and 3 if were very strict with the schedule. the difference in 2 and 3 classes is about 2 hours of time.

2013.05.06, 12:16 PM
Are we doing a big track event?

2013.05.06, 01:10 PM
not sure. space is always the issue. an alternate idea is to hold a race for 90mm, f1 and maybe even kyosho stock at remnant instead of the BTE. this is a normal saturday for them but gives the VA guys a chance to dust off cars most of us have but never get to use.

i ran my cooper at the carolina cup challenge in the GT70 class instead of my R8 :p finished 1st in D main and bumped into C main where i got the same number of laps but still finished last in C main. getting tangled up on that layout took you from 1st to last in a single wreck :( i went from last to first and back to last over the course of the race :rolleyes:

2013.05.07, 12:42 PM
talked with Gary and they will be opening up their track for 90mm, F1 and possibly kyosho stock June 8th. if we start at a decent time, even with 3 rounds of qualifiers we should be able to get 3 classes in. just going to copy the CCC format really, 4 minute qualifiers with resorts and 8 minute mains.

i know some of you guys have 90mm, F1 and possibly stock cars sitting around just begging for some track time. standard race format so no endurance concerns, etc.

Keep June 22 in mind as well, the PA guys want to have an F1 race in PA. no official posting from them yet.

2013.06.07, 06:53 PM
just a reminder guys, kyosho stock racing at remnant tomorrow.