View Full Version : September 14, 2013 - HFAY S16 Race 5-6

2011.12.11, 06:54 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2013.08.26, 08:10 PM
3 weeks....

2013.08.27, 10:17 PM
Can't wait. :D

2013.09.12, 12:24 PM
Bump thread.

2013.09.14, 06:09 PM
thank you guys from making it out today!

bill did fantastic! john and i had some very close racing most of the day. Kevin was doing very well with a bone stock enzo. austin was having some traction roll issues with his mr-01 clk but i understand he's got a new mr-03 at home waiting to get replaced due to some PCB issues.

Kevin also has my core loop to do some trouble shooting. Bill left his loop at the track to use for the next stock class date.

Please let me know if anyone has a spare 4 way VGA splitter and or 25'-50' VGA cords? i dropped off 2 additional monitors that Bruce will allow us to place on the back high shelves. i just need the splitter and cables to get over to that area. i also dropped off the spare track computer just in case we need it. we know it has working software for the core loop vs. the track pc that can't seem to get flipside to install correctly in order to add racers.

also confirmed with Bruce, all racers get 20% discount. there was some apparent confusion at the shop today and Bruce settled it and wanted to apologize to the racer that only got 15% today.

2013.09.14, 10:16 PM
Austin and I had a great time. Thanks to everyone there.

2013.09.16, 03:47 PM
It was a fun day. See ya at the stock race.