View Full Version : November 09, 2013 - HFAY S16 Race 9-10

2011.12.11, 06:56 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

2013.11.06, 07:29 PM
just a reminder, wrapping up S16 this weekend! we are in some VERY tight points battles :p

as a reminder, those looking to get a bit of practice can always join us for Kyosho Stock Class ;)

please reach out to those that have been absent this year, we miss the gang and hope to have them return for HFAY, Kyosho Stock Class or both.

i've started text groups for messaging. if your receiving message and wish to opt out, just let me know. if you know someone that is not getting the messages, please send me their number to add to the group.

2013.11.08, 09:10 AM
The planets have aligned and I think I will be able to make this event.

I haven't run my mini-z in about 1.5 years so it'll be interesting to see what happens. Hopefully one of my chassis will work and my batteries can be raised from the dead.

What time are you guys going to start setting up?

2013.11.08, 09:27 AM
i get there between 10-10:30am.

would be nice to see you again :p

2013.11.08, 09:51 AM
Ian ordered me the hitec X4 aa/aaa charger. He got it yesterday can't wait to use it. He tried it out and like it. I ordered the atomic LSD diff and tuning parts here from the shop. Hopefully it will be delivered to my house today so I can try it out tomorrow.:D

2013.11.08, 10:27 AM
i look forward to seeing the charger. it will be on my xmas list for sure. i just ordered an atomic motor pod so i can properly run the atomic self centering damper which should come today. kind of a waste with the new motor mount coming in a week or two to the states but i needed something.

2013.11.08, 12:20 PM
Who has been making it out to the races this season?

Is it all the same ole faces or have new people started to come out?

looking forward to running some laps and racing with you guys again.

2013.11.08, 01:13 PM
it varies each month. sometimes a lot of the remnant crew makes it out, sometimes not. typically it's been me, ian, bill, john at the very least. we have not see rene, marcus or dwayne though. not sure what happen to those guys.

2013.11.08, 02:43 PM
Well good to hear you guys have been holding down the fort.

Oh if any of you guys have autoscale cases + dummy chassis to sell, I'm interested in buying.

2013.11.09, 06:38 PM
thank you guys for making it out for racing! had gary, nat, jojo, reggie join us from remnant crew.

we had some good racing and lots of fun. thanks to bill and ian for showing off the new chargers ;)

anyone have jeremy's number?