View Full Version : rear motor mount pref for mr-02

2012.12.02, 01:17 PM
what rear motor mount do you like?
A lot of guys run the PN MR2395 93mm-102mm Adjustable Multi Mount
but the dual shock PN MR2299 98mm -102mm gimbaled Mount looks good.
I am new to mini z and will run stock and soon Mod

2012.12.02, 03:25 PM
I'm running the reconfigurable mount. I really like it. the adjustable mount would also be good, I didn't car for the gimble mount as the slope in it made the car handle erratic. either of the other 2 would be good.

I'm not running the tri mount on any of my cars. I run a disk damper and the dual shock and really like them setup that way.

unearthed name
2012.12.02, 11:37 PM
i run the reflex racing 945 motor mount. i also run tri-damper. tri-damper is harder to set-up but when it's dialed in, boy it's fast.