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2012.12.15, 05:13 PM
Just thought I would post this but I don't mind doing paint jobs for anyone. Only cost is for the materials used and whatever else is thrown in out of generosity, etc. as I do not charge for the service. I don't do this to make money but I cannot loose money in the effort either.

My general limitations are:
1. I use spray paints so in general fades are avoided.
2. I do not make decals. I can certainly incorporate those provided but I don't have the capabilities to make decals.
3. I clear coat with multiple coats of Future acrylic polish. If you wish to use something else, I can return the body for you to clear coat with whatever you choose.

Please keep in mind I do this in my spare time. If you have a specific deadline, please coordinate that with your supplies and request time. In general I do not accept rush jobs or last minute jobs as I have precious little free time already.

2012.12.15, 05:16 PM
Current ongoing requests:

Volkswagen Beetle
DONE-Ferrari Enzo
DONE-Mini Cooper

DONE-Ferrari F430 GT