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2012.12.21, 10:33 AM
What series are we running in 2013. What new stuff is everybody getting for Xmas?

Dusty Weasle
2012.12.22, 03:23 AM
The website is updated with the 2013 schedule.

For our local series its the usual lineup. I included Formula Mini in the hopes we can solve the technical problems. Until then we'll just skip FM. Its easier for me to leave it on the calendar than to take it out and potentially put it back later.

Regs are updated on the Downloads page.

Formula Mini is now only 1/4 length instead of 1/2.
Porsche Cup now uses a simplified handicap system.
The new brushless motors are legal in the OCD. (Of course they always were per rule d.4: "Any motor").

For our online days we will be running the Mini-Z World Series. I've already signed us up, just waiting on their track list for the new season.

2013.01.04, 09:23 AM
See everyone Saturday. Lots of new stuff to try.

2013.01.04, 10:55 AM
Do any other clubs participate in this series? The Chicago Mini R/C club is itching to set times up with other groups and How Fast Are You is just a little to small for us.

Dusty Weasle
2013.01.07, 09:49 PM
I wish you had asked that two months ago. The ISRL was a 3L track size multi-class series, but I had to shut it down because there weren't enough clubs. And the changes I had made to the regs for this season would have made for even closer competition. Oh well.

This year Mini-AZ will be competing in the Mini Z World Series for our on-line race days:

The series referred to in this thread (AZGT, Porsche Cup, Formula Mini and Open Class Dash) have only been local to our club. We often run very large tracks that most clubs wouldn't have space or track for anyway.
(Oschersleben for example):

However, if you guys can fit such tracks, I could entertain the idea of opening it up. The regs live here:

2013.01.08, 09:51 AM
We mostly run 70t PN motors and everything else is open.
We do have room for some of your large tracks.