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2012.12.22, 12:49 PM
Finally got to see my first Rear Wing up close and personal yesterday, and after a few minutes of running with the new stock wings, my wing became an instant neccessity!

Gasman put it on his car after his stock one broke off because it caught a light breeze and blew across the track. :rolleyes: Really?... the new wings are that delicate? Not one member from my club has retained one past one race. I've seen all kinds of glue and plastic jobs going on, but this should be the ultimate fix:





This one came in regular White, Strong and Flexible. I am giving the option of White Polished and Black,Strong and Flexible too. In it's un-finished state, it's not too bad but if you're more about the looks of your F1 then a good sanding is in order. The polished option should clean most of this up though. Basically, you're paying a little extra for Shapeways to do the sanding.

Gasman colored his in it's unfinished state with a Silver Sharpie and it didn't turn out too bad. I think with a good sanding and some actual paint it would've turned out excellent but in the interest of function and not fashion (and of not having to glue the stock one back on again) this quickie coloring worked out fine!

Yes... this porous material drinks up ink like tissue paper! We will be experimenting with dye jobs for base color in the future!

Gasman has his wing set to the lowest point on his PN mount in the interest of low CG. It will work with these newer bodies but you have to make sure you clearance the tail portion that the old wing mounted to.

No fine print here, just the facts!
I am in no way, shape or form responsible for production or shipping or manufacturing quality of these products. All I can say is that it took 15 days to show up at my house after I ordered it and the quality is top-notch! Shapeways has an excellent record of part quality which is one of the major reasons I went with them for this stuff.

2012.12.23, 07:57 AM
Looking good. Will the rear wing fit to the r246 motor mount as well? And as you state it to be a V1 - do you already have any plans for a V2 in the near future?

(and for the front bumper on that 2.4 GhZ F1... can you please post a pic from the side and another one from the front to see how the wing is covered by the bumper? Product description states 0,9 cm of bumper height, but from the perspective of the above pictures it looks like less.)

2012.12.23, 11:36 AM
All the mounts have the standard stock fastener locations, it should fit every one of them.

The V1 is just the start, I my have different ideas in the future. I am in the process of cleaning up V1 though, I just want to get cleaner resolution on the curvatures. I should have that uploaded by tonight.

The modded bumper in these pics was not fastened on at the time, I just set it under there for show. Gasman did run it that day and it worked just fine.

The new file for the 2.4 bumper is on the site now and ready to go.

2012.12.24, 08:46 AM
I have just uploaded the latest revision for the V1 wing, all I did was clean up the resolution of the curvatures a bit but essentially, it's still the same part.

I noticed with the file export that it was mapping the curvatures to a few flat surfaces that I didn't like so I controlled it by creating multiple flat surfaces that would not show up as easily in the printout. Either way, if the previous version has been purchased, it's nothing a bit of sanding couldn't take care of.

I do have an email to Shapeways in regards to this modification to try to ensure that anyone who has ordered one will recieve the latest version.


To whomever purchased the wing last night, you will recieve the one you ordered. They cannot change the order due to differences in production cost. Anyone who orders one now will get the latest model. Like I said above, it's nothing that a bit of sanding won't correct.

2012.12.26, 02:34 PM
my wing became an instant neccessity!

why a neccessity? was the downforce noticeable?

My F1 is still a 180d spinning banshee with no hope in sight.....:mad:

2012.12.26, 03:54 PM
why a neccessity? was the downforce noticeable?

My F1 is still a 180d spinning banshee with no hope in sight.....:mad:

I explain the next paragraph of the first post. The new stock wings are way too fragile for racing.

As far as spin-out goes... maybe you could check out my F1 setup thread.


Oh, I just saw that you were on there... still spinning out? I would eyeball your car looking down the belly and see if there isn't a tweak down your entire chassis. The bottoms of the tires should all be on the same plane, if not... A little twisting by hand in the right direction can correct it.

These cars are tough to work out the bugs.

2013.01.16, 01:55 AM
Got my first polished wing in... beautiful!!!


If you are going to paint one, as I'm sure most of you will want to, I recommend getting the polished version! It's just so much smoother than the unfinished material.

I almost hit this up with my new black and yellow sharpies but I told myself I was going to experiment with dyeing the plastic first... maybe. ;)

2013.06.03, 04:37 AM

I would like the curve to follow the wheel a bit better. Is that possible?
Just for looks.

2013.06.03, 10:21 AM
The curve does follow the tire, but this image shows the mount set a little higher than the stock mount position.

2013.06.03, 02:05 PM
ah ok.
Cool, getting a rear wing like this then....

2013.08.07, 11:26 AM
Got my F1 wing installed. It turned out nice. I painted it with the same paint as the body and it stuck just fine. I put some decals on and clear coated it afterwards. I was kinda rushing it to be done before our HFAY race but it turned out ok. The fit was good and I didnt do anything to the finish prior to paint. The shipping from Shapeways was pretty quick and they kept me updated the whole time. Good product.

http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj171/Bash_N_Thrash/20130725_191444_zpsff9c3485.jpg (http://s272.photobucket.com/user/Bash_N_Thrash/media/20130725_191444_zpsff9c3485.jpg.html)

http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj171/Bash_N_Thrash/20130725_191454_zps601a9f53.jpg (http://s272.photobucket.com/user/Bash_N_Thrash/media/20130725_191454_zps601a9f53.jpg.html)

http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj171/Bash_N_Thrash/20130725_191514_zps48b19e27.jpg (http://s272.photobucket.com/user/Bash_N_Thrash/media/20130725_191514_zps48b19e27.jpg.html)

2013.08.07, 06:14 PM
Excellent work! Makes me wish I painted mine. Thanks for the review!

2013.11.16, 05:01 PM
Just to let you know that your wing was used in the car that was driven to victory in PNWC 2013 Final in Paris :-)

The driver Vesa Kulkki used Mantis CF rear wing during heats, but changed to your wing for the finals. Vesa reported, that the addition made the car much more stable, easier to drive and consistent. Well, it had to be because Vesa had to drive only A1 and A2 to get the victory.

BTW also the new Atomic rear was used in this setup.

2013.11.16, 05:22 PM
Go Vesa! :D

Very good to hear! Best review I could've hoped for! The wing has proven itself many times and I've been having a tough go at trying to figure out a second design for one... I think the first one just covered so much that it's tough to figure a second version out. I am planning a rear bumper too but I feel that it would take a bit of the fun out of open wheel racing.

Congratulations to all who raced, I've always dreamed of heading overseas for a big race. Especially a PN one!

Thanks again for the update... I would've had no idea otherwise.

2013.11.16, 06:09 PM
Yes the design is really solid, and our F1 guys at the club haven't broken one even in training! Only one front bumper has been broken after some thousands of laps at big (30x12 pieces) and fast track. The wing has plenty of downforce, I think it is the best rear wing available for F1.

So kudos to Shapeways materials and your design :-)

2013.11.16, 11:38 PM
I have the front/back UID wings on my Jordan, I've loaned it out to every newbie that shows up and it still has yet to experience damage. The Sharpie custom coloring on the corners of the front wing has worn off once in a while but that's easily fixed.

Thanks again! It's good to know that people are enjoying their F1s more nowadays! Hoping to add a few more fun options for them in the near future.