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2012.12.27, 02:30 PM
Central Pneumatic 1/5 Horsepower, 58 PSI PSI Airbrush Compressor And Airbrush Kit

i got this as a late birthday present/christmas present. anyone use one of these before? anything i should be aware of, need to upgrade?

This professional quality airbrush compressor allows you to get as creative as you like! Constructed of durable anodized aluminum for easy and comfortable operation, this airbrush compressor is easy to clean and changing colors is a cinch. The airbrush kit works with lacquers, oil- and latex-based paints to create designs only limited by your imagination!
Anodized aluminum airbrush
22cc glass jar assembly
5cc metal cup
Metal hanging hook
5 foot air hose
Volts: 120V (60 Hz)
Amps: 1.1
Horsepower: 1/5
Motor speed: 1750 RPM
Max working air pressure: 58 PSI
Air delivery: 0.7 CFM @ 40 PSI
Air outlet: 1/8"-28 NPS
Cord length 6 ft.
Overall dimensions: 7 5/6" L x 5-5/16" W x 7-1/2" H
Working pressure: PSI
Shipping Weight: 9.40 lbs.

Name 1/5 Horsepower, 58 PSI PSI Airbrush Compressor and Airbrush Kit
SKU 95630
Air Stage 1
Includes Annodized aluminum air brush, 3/4 oz. jar, 1/4 oz. color cup, head wrench, 5 ft. braided air hose
Voltage 120
Phase 1
Brand Central Pneumatic
Working Pressure 58 PSI

2012.12.27, 02:57 PM
Have it. Don't like it. Air brush broke within a couple of uses. No idea why. Just wouldn't spray anymore. Cleaned it after every use which you have to. Of coarse I only used fascolor paint in it. So maybe other paints work better. It worked ok when it did. Compressor not adjustable. Thought about just carrying the compressor around to blow the cars off with but no place to carry it. :o

2012.12.27, 03:39 PM

I have something similar, other brand.
3 things you need to worry about.
1) water geting into youre airbrush when using longer then 10 mins. The water trap just doesnt do it.
2) overheating when using it longer then 10 mins.
3) pulsation in air pressure because there is no vessel.

How to fix it?
1) longer hose so the air can cool down and water condensates in the hose + an additional water trap just before the airbrush
2) Mount a computer fan on top of the heatsink of the compressor, and another one to the black cooling the motor.
3) add a buffer in the line from the compressor to the airbrush. I used an old scuba diving tank an a T piece in the line. + a pressure regulator after the second water trap. This way you can set the pressure perfectly to what you want it to be.

Hope this helps you out.