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2012.12.31, 06:23 AM
My Name is Michael and i am from Austria. I have got a few (about 10) MiniZ's
all built with unusual bodies.

Lets begin with my favourites:
Since i love old racing cars and i am a big Alfa Romeo Fan i had to build
an Alfa Romeo GTA Junior on a MiniZ.
Based on the static kit Tamiya Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint built the car on a
MiniZ MR03 with a PN V7 motor mount.
Since the GTA Junior is much wider than the Tamiya kit, i crafted the
fenders out of Resine and putty.
The front is hardend with gfk inlayes and it's a perfect racing car.
Wheelbase is 97mm and wide is 75mm.

Here are some pics:

This is Rainer Matschke's Alfa Romeo GTA junior, which raced the German Touringcarchampionship in 1972.


hope you like it, comments and thoughts very welcome :)

2012.12.31, 09:40 AM
an unusual car. how is it mounted to the chassis? the paint was done very cleanly.

2012.12.31, 10:12 AM
thanks, the body is mounted just like the MiniZ's.
I used the same body clips. For the front mount i cutted
it's original clip, so that it will fit the Alfa body.

2013.01.01, 08:23 AM
Nicely done.
Love it

2013.01.01, 10:05 AM
:) nice work!

2013.01.01, 12:25 PM
Sweet Ride!! :D

2013.01.01, 02:41 PM
Thanks, Gents :)

2013.01.01, 11:01 PM
nicely done. :D
what rims / tires did you use?
looking forward to your next projects :D

2013.01.02, 11:49 AM
rims are from Porsche 934 and are painted.
The tires are ortmann slottires and they look
much more scale than the originales and have
very much grip.

2013.03.11, 06:06 PM
really beautiful! :)