View Full Version : Tamiya "Toy" Motor Testing by Adam Borrell (a.k.a nexisnet)

2012.12.31, 10:33 AM
in case anyone has not already read this, this is an interesting review of 'stock' (no claim this is kyosho stock) 130 motor performance/lifespan as it relates to increase in voltage applied. good reading.

Tamiya "Toy" Motor Testing by Adam Borrell (a.k.a nexisnet) (http://www.pololu.com/docs/0J11/all)

Mike Keely
2012.12.31, 11:40 AM
I was wondering if this is the same motor we use? I thought that you could see a square block of brush on our motors? These brushes don't look the same to me. Looking at these brushes I would think that you would get shorter life spans out of these motors then the ones that come with the kits.

2012.12.31, 12:35 PM
I dont think this is the stock motor. seeing that we run at 5V (1.2V x 4) the rpm of that motor is about 250x143 = 35750 RPM
That doesnt match the (I think) 18.000 RPM our motors do.
I have the exact mabuchi nr somewhere on my other computer. I'l check it when I have the chance.

2013.01.02, 03:37 AM
If I'm not mistaken the mini-z stock motor is the mabuchi FC-130RA-2270

The only difference I can find between the FA series (in the test) and the FC series (mini-z motor) are the brushes and RPM. FA has metal brushes, FC has carbon brushes and FC has higher RPM.
So that is probably why the brushes in the test burn out quickly because they are not for long trem use.

Only yhe RPM in the test is something that isnt correct. The FA range is from about 6000 RPM to 12000 RPM depending on the model.