View Full Version : JB Weld question

Mike Keely
2013.01.06, 10:18 AM
I usually mix equal amounts of part a & b but I was wondering how it works if you use a smaller amount of the hardener tube? I was wanting something that may have a little flex to it and not as brittle. Thanks MK

2013.01.06, 10:33 AM
good question. i just dab some out on paper and eyeball it and mix.

2013.01.06, 10:42 AM
It will become more brittle if it doesn't harden properly

2013.01.06, 07:48 PM
what are you using JB weld for? i might be able to give you suggestions for alternate materials...

2013.01.06, 07:55 PM
i used it to infill the broken nose clip area on my car. just super glued the plastic together then scored the plastic and filled in with jb weld. i now have a rock solid front nose clip connection again. i normally reserve jb weld for major repairs. most else i typically use walthers goo. super glue or plastic cements never seem to be reliable.

Mike Keely
2013.01.06, 08:12 PM
I did the side body clips and they just chipped off with all of the JB Weld still on the clip and nothing on the body.

2013.01.06, 08:38 PM
I like to use ShoeGoo for side clips. A little or a lot to take up space (if needed) and they've never fallen off.

2013.01.06, 09:15 PM
jb weld isn't really suitable for gluing on body clips unless you scar the surfaces and use it generously. it doesn't really bond smooth plastic surfaces well. i've tried it on body clips as well and securing brass rods in the bottom of the chassis. both of which have popped out after hard hits.

2013.01.06, 10:34 PM
I also tried using JB Weld to reinforce the nose area of an autoscale. Pretty much all of it chipped right off in one day of racing.

My epoxy of choice now is the LePage speed-set clear epoxy that comes in a double-barreled syringe. It has a bit of flex and sticks well enough to the inside of autoscale/white bodies if you spread it over a large area. It does set quickly so it's not so good for working with many areas at once, so I just squeeze out and mix a small amount at a time. Has been working fine for side clips, windows, and front reinforcement. Not so good with side mirrors but I don't think anything is.