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2013.01.06, 11:34 AM
This is my conversion of a 1:24 Ford Escort Mk1 and a Kyosho MR15 chassis.
I found the body in a poor condition a while a ago on a slotcar fleamarket and
completly restored it.
First the old laquer had to go and it was fully repainted and decaled again.
As chassis i used a 2.4 Ghz MR15 chassis. Since the Escort has a wheelbase of
100mm, i used a PN V7 motor mount.
It has an excellent handling, because of the heavier weight on the rear axle, it
is really fast on the track.
When using a MR03 chassis it will be really as fast as my Alfa Romeo GTAj
conversions, which are also conversions from 1:24 static kits
(Alfa Romeo GTAJ link: http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=439974#post439974)

For rebuild i decided to go for the famous Dieter Glemser/Frank Gardner version of 1968. This car is the rebuild of the 6hours endurance race of the Nürburgring in 1968.
Here are a few pics:

Too bad i lost the left mirror, while glueing it on the body it jumped away
and was never found again...
It was a very nice project during the christmas holidays.

Hope you like it :) - comments and thoughts welcome :)

2013.01.06, 12:11 PM
Nice one.
Love it when people take something else than the standard Kyosho ASC and do something great with it.
Looks awesome.

2013.01.06, 12:33 PM
Very, very nice work! Thanks for sharing.

Wonder if it would be possible with slow motor and gyro to put a nice (subtle) drift out of the corners. :-)

2013.01.06, 01:10 PM
Absolutely love it!
Really like these cars more with Minilite's, but I guess the ones you have used are correct for this version:o

2013.01.06, 01:31 PM

Brillant adaptation! I really love this kind of work. Thanks a lot for sharing those two beautiful bodies.

2013.01.06, 02:02 PM
Great Job!!!!

2013.01.06, 06:36 PM
another cool body... :D nice work
i'm with rune re: mini lite rims, but these look cool as well, what rims are they?

2013.01.06, 11:27 PM
Thanks, Gents!
Rims are from Shelby Cobra, but shortend on the rear axle, since they were
too wide. Tires from ortmann (slotcar 1:24 tires).