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2013.01.06, 07:15 PM
The build thread is here, http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1803251#post23731106 , but here's a couple of pics of the finished product. Took a while, but it's a fun car! This was done on a modified MR-01 chassis. Maybe will upgrade to an MR-03 if I can ever get a good deal on a readyset...

2013.01.06, 08:58 PM
bababad... to the bobobone... :D

2013.01.06, 11:29 PM
extremly nice car :) - love it

2016.08.06, 07:19 PM
I realize it's been a couple years, but I wanted to post the progress for archives sake. Ditched the MR01 chassis, and upgraded to an MR02 w/gyro and lipo for this project. I finally got around to making a video of the car, take a look...


2016.08.07, 08:14 AM
this type of stuff is what i love about mini-z! i haven't model adapted anything in ages, can't ever recall the last thing i worked on. it would be fun to do an Excto-1, similar in size to Christine. i'm always amazed at just how large cars used to be :eek:

2016.08.07, 10:35 AM
Very nice work :)

2016.08.07, 11:29 AM
That's awesome! Nice job!

2016.08.07, 08:31 PM
Thanks guys, glad you liked it. Actually Arch, you read my mind on the ecto. I was contemplating finding an old Jo Hahn 1/25 Cadillac ambulance to do, with functional lights and siren. Or maybe a hearse...

2016.08.07, 10:29 PM
Nice video. Thanks for sharing.