View Full Version : pro/con of rear lexan wings?

2013.01.08, 01:49 PM
Do you have some advice on these rear lexan wings?

Will using one cause understeer?

2013.01.08, 02:32 PM
a couple of our guys are using them with pretty good results. I'm still using the plastic wing that came with my McLaren.

Mike Keely
2013.01.08, 05:50 PM
Two things:
1) they come flat so you don't have to bend the wing up very high if you don't need the rear traction plus the extra wind drag.
2) I always make sure the rear is very well planted and then I can always add front steering if I need it.

I like this wing you had the link to and also the Reflex wing.

2013.01.14, 11:52 AM

after trying this wing I found yes it creates understeer, but it can be adjusted to a lower downforce setting.

so if I find myself on a track where the rear is getting loose? I can adjust more down force easy enough!!!

I just dont know how many times I can adjust it without it snapping.....

2013.01.14, 12:04 PM
Currently working some wing designs, I should have them released soon!