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2013.01.09, 01:25 AM
I have a non 2.4 mhz MA-010 ready-set and the steering twitches quite a bit (during both idle and throttle). It's impossible to run in a straight line under throttle. I also have a MR-02 ready-set that does not have the same problem and runs straight as an arrow. I tried switching crystals from the chassis and the MA-010 still had the exact problem regardless of which crystal/tx (which leads me believe the problem is on the chassis electronics). Does anybody know how to fix this? I have a track made by Lakeshore Concepts (like RCP) and it's impossible to use the MA-010 since it constantly veers into the walls. :-/ Any help much appreciated!

2013.01.09, 01:47 AM
This might sound crazy - But is the crystal solidly-inserted into the crystal socket? My MA010 boards tend to have looser-fitting frequency crystals than the MR02 boards so Make sure the crystal connection is 100% clean from tarnish for best connection and the crystal doesn't "wobble" in the socket. Try that first, worked for me both AM and AD-Band FM.

2013.01.09, 02:41 AM
remove the pot in the steering gear box and clean the inside with electrical cleaner spray. once you remove the pot you can pull off the white cover with a xacto blade or something thin and pointy.

2013.01.09, 02:28 PM
I also have exactly the same problem with my awd as well , it will never run perfectly straight no matter how much you adjust the trim to get it correct.

I also occasionally get a random AM noise glitch during running that sends me off in the wrong direction into the wall of the track

the usable trim point is so narrow that if I move it across to one side to get it more closer to correct then I lose my even steering capability completely to the opposite side.

i truned up the steering gain to compensate but i still see the same issue in never going straight.

I have an asf mr02 with an ra22 board and i see zero issues ever, im tempted to just go ASF on the Ma-010 and be done with it, since the steerring reponse on that is so much faster and precise.

I will try the recommendations you guys have suggested for cleaning the pot first though. I've already replaced and resoldered the wires to it in the past as well since one broke off previously. I know the chassis is mechanically ok and not part of the issue too since i checked that over with a fine tooth comb. i also resolved a previous issue with a sticking steering bar so that's also not involved.

If it fixes it I'll let you know.

Mike Keely
2013.01.09, 10:14 PM
Do you have something to measure the tires with? Something that a lot of people miss is that the tires they run in the rear of the car are softer then the front tires. What happens is the rears wear down faster then the fronts. When this happens the front and rear tires are fighting each other because they have different roll outs.

To see if this is the issue put brand new tires on the front and the rear of the car and see if you have the same issue.

2013.01.09, 11:03 PM
interestingly enough, pretty well worn rears and pretty new looking fronts..

i'll put on new rears just to make sure and im cleaning the pot now too.

2013.01.09, 11:05 PM
Thanks to nomascrilla for opening this tread, and to the rest of you guys for your advice, much appreciated.

i hope we both find a solution to this issue.

2013.01.10, 12:19 AM
Wow!...thanks a ton for all of the input! Felix2010, I think the crystal is in securely, but I will double check. I don't think the problem is due to worn tires since the steering will twitch when the car is on and I'm just holding it in my hand (no throttle). It's definitely something electrical. bcpzx3 makes an interesting point-I will give that a try (although working on these little buggers beyond changing wheels scares me!). My minis and track are on loan to a buddy, but I'll provide an update as soon as I get 'em back and work on a fix. Thanks again for all the support...Cheers!

2013.01.10, 12:36 AM
pot cleaned, excess solder removed from inside of pot housing causing some rotation issues( the main culprit i think) and the very dirty gearbox was also cleaned to run smoothly

turned on to recentre and then reassembled. now runs straight without losing a huge amount of steering even if i retrim it.

works better than new now, so i will hold off on the board upgrade, thanks guys !