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2013.01.10, 07:43 AM
OK guys small problem.. I have 4 mr02's here 4 work fine.. my 5th has a problem.. if I increase the reverse/brake strength beyond 12% on my radio I lose the actual reverse.. the brake strength increases but I lose the movement.. so I either run with pretty much no brakes or I have no reverse when I crash.. I've tried deleting the model memory and everything I can think of in case it's a radio problem but anyway if i switch on 2 cars at the same time both accelerate.. both brake but only one goes into reverse.. SOOOOO I bought a brand new in the box chassis as it was going cheap with an autoscale body .. and it does exactly the same thing.. did I just luck out and get another board with the same problem or am I doing something wrong..Is this a known issue with mr02 boards? I did try re binding it to the original kyosho KT18 radio but although it seems a tiny bit better STILL if I increase the brake strength beyond a couple of clicks I lose the reverse.. I'm stumped.. one thing I did notice.. if I accelerate then brake.. go to neutral wait a couple of seconds then just give the throttle the TINIEST touch of throttle and I mean barely touch it then it goes flat out into reverse.. no proportional control just flat out.. wondering if I need more neutral width but why do all the others work fine..

2013.02.08, 01:21 AM
greetings is it fixed? anyway... with the kt18 you can set reverse speed
see page 23 kt-18 online manual (http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/digital_prcs/pdf/82001_perfex_kt18_m.pdf)

or try resetting the kt-18 transmitter page 25... then do a rebind... let us know what happens

hope this helps...

2013.02.08, 04:08 AM
Hae you tried shifting the throttle center?
Maybe changing the speed does something with the center. And if you are setup borderline maybe its not finding the center when you release throttle, and not going in reverse when you want it to.

2013.02.09, 01:40 AM
Actually it did seem a little better when using the KT18 but it didn't solve the problem completely.. I still had to decrease the braking compared to my 2 other cars or lose the reverse..

After many tries and untold messing I finally spotted quite by accident that using my 3pks if I braked then went to neutral then pulled the throttle just a touch , not enough to move forwards, then pushed reverse everything worked perfect in reverse so I decided it was the radio.. The manual for the 3pks is god knows how many hundred pages but buried in there I found there is an electronic neutral adjustment that presumably allows you to tune out tiny errors in the centering of the pots.. well steering showed 120%, 0%, 120% fine... throttle 85%,112%,285% so there's the problem throttle pot not centering.. the electronic adjustment is only for a few % not 112 so I took the damn thing apart to find there isn't a mechanical adjustment, the pot is just held in place in the plastic by a tiny metal tab.. so I "mechanically adjusted it" with a pair of pipe grips.. simply twisted it while watching the adjustment screen until it showed 0% with trigger in neutral.. then fixed it in place with some glue.Radio back together .. rebind all cars and EVERY one now works perfect.. I am at a loss to explain why 2 cars had no problems and 2 wouldn't run though..still sorted now!

Only problem now is I bet all my 1/8 brushless buggies will have to be rebound also as the neutral has effectively moved 112% :)

2013.02.09, 08:49 AM
glad you got it sorted out.