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2013.01.11, 02:03 PM
I might want to switch to faster gears on my Mini Z Buggy. Do you guys recommend using aluminium motor heat sink and aluminum motor holder set? Both of them cost $49.00.

unearthed name
2013.01.11, 05:05 PM
It depends on what your motor is. If its stock motor, don't bother.

2013.01.11, 09:19 PM
I'm not a pro at this, but tell me if I'm wrong. I'm running a stock motor for my buggy. According to to the technical guide or an intruction manual, it says "Changing the gear ratio can increase the load on the motor. Using the following optional parts is recommended." The optional parts are aluminum. I race about an hour, and the motor doesn't get hot as according to the intruction manual. If I change the gear ratio, the motor will not get hot?

2013.01.11, 10:39 PM
A larger pinion will put a bit more strain on a motor, therefore generating more heat. If you're just looking for more speed and you don't want to spend on the alloy, a faster motor should serve that task just fine. I don't own a buggy so I don't know which motors will fit the stock mounts but my guess is that most aftermarket motors should fit.

Back in the Monster Truck era of the Z, I managed to get a huge pinion into one of my club members mount with some careful trimming and fabrication. With the new Mod motor, the taller gear and the fet job, it was a much more respectable truck outdoors. At least nowadays with the better fets, you don't have to fear frying the boards as much.

2013.01.12, 02:59 PM
I couldn't find other brand motor that would fit in my buggy. What is fet? This sounds interesting.

2013.01.23, 12:18 PM
all the pn racing motors fit and most of the atomic motors will fit. The atomic stock r and he atomic chili are quite fast along with the pn racing motors that are less turns than 43. You can find the pn motors at kenonhobby.com and you can get the atomic ones at atomicmods.com reflexracing.net also offers custom motors but havent tried them. I would go with the pn motors because they are about 10 dollars cheaper even more if you go with their 50 turns or higher motors. I know these motors will fit.

Fets are 'chips' on the reciever/esc and they output power from the batteries to the motor. the stronger and larger amount of fets you have the fatser the car will go basically. The mini-z buggy comes with a 2x2 stack which means that any motor will be able to run on that board. In previous models of the mini-z beside the mr-03 there was only a 1x2 stack so the stronger motors needed more fets.

also there is an atomic motor mount that allows you to adjust your mesh and allows mountigmusing screws if i am not mistaken, this would allow the atomic 17 mm round can motors making every motor possible to run but i dont think its neccesary.

2013.01.23, 12:47 PM
Thanks for the info.