View Full Version : A Good Carrying Case

2013.01.13, 04:35 PM
Does anyone knows a very good carrying case to store my Mini- Z Buggy, radio, and batteries?

2013.01.13, 04:52 PM

It is exactly what you would need.

2013.01.13, 05:50 PM
or get a tool box of similar size for much cheaper.

2013.01.13, 06:50 PM
Thanks, the Kyosho brand carrying cases cost far exspensive. I'm not too sure about tool box. It would be nice to have cushion in it.

2013.01.13, 06:56 PM
any arts and craft store will carry soft foam sheets that can be cut to shape. tool boxes come in so many shapes and sizes and cost far less than the RC carry cases. i've always used tool boxes myself. i've had my current box for about 5 years, cost less than $30 and carries 4-5 cars, transmitter, parts, batteries and is easily transportable.

if a tool box doesn't suit your fancy, look in stores for various camera bags, etc. your still bound to find something suitable for less than an RC carry case. i really don't understand the mark up on those.

2013.01.13, 08:13 PM
I have several camera bags at home. I did't think about using these. Excellent tips. Thx!