View Full Version : Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

180SX SR20
2013.01.14, 07:55 AM
I went this weekend and ran into a couple of Super GT drivers in the Kyosho booth.


2013.01.14, 08:14 AM
Awesome! and you could also check up close Hiro's new Custom Toyotas :-)

180SX SR20
2013.01.14, 08:36 AM
Oh yeah I did! The GT86's were awesome! Carbon fiber hoods, LED's, widebody fenders...the whole deal... and they were in white, red and blue. I didn't see an orange one. Since I am transferring to So. Carolina soon. I was busy collecting business cards from my favorite companies. (Upgarage, Exedey, Drift Tengoku, Kyosho and D-max)

2013.01.17, 10:02 AM
cool pic… more pls... :D
oh yeah sent you an email

2013.01.17, 02:09 PM
check here:
speedhunters dot com