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2013.01.14, 12:18 PM
At the I indoor racing facility, I see 1:27 cars have no tire trends. I have a buggy, and it has spiky tires. Can anyone explains that?

2013.01.14, 12:32 PM
there are plenty of tire options that have tread patterns. assuming by trend you actually mean tread.

at this scale, most simply prefer slick tires and most competitive racers true tires which would remove any tread pattern anyway.

i personally like the kyosho 20 deg front radial pattern tires. granted the pattern is worn off after a day or two but they work very well throughout their useful life

please discontinue posting every new topic under Kyosho. please use the most appropriate forum area relevant to your subject matter. i've moved several over the last couple days.:)

2013.01.14, 12:45 PM
Thx, it is good to know. I like to talk to people who own Kyosho products. Next time I'll post in the right catagory.

2013.01.14, 12:51 PM
understood, but we address more than just kyosho here as there are many version of the kyosho brand and various offshoots and to some extent clones.

here is an example of kyosho radial tires.

2013.01.14, 01:03 PM
Is there a website that describes the pursposes of slick and different trends of tires?

2013.01.14, 01:06 PM
i'm sure someone has covered the subject. it's often discussed here as well but there are various blogs that review patterned tires and their effectiveness at mini-z scale. i'm sorry i don't have any links off hand.

2013.01.14, 01:43 PM
this is my first time running 40 radial fronts on my car, the tread hasnt even broken in, more than likely due to us running on carpet now, compared to RCP. so i really cant even comment on how i like the two, since i've run slick 40s up front the whole time since i started racing

2013.01.14, 04:26 PM
I found this on page 7. I don't know would apply to Mini Z cars.