View Full Version : *NEW 2013* Updated I-Lap Transponder for Mini-Z coming soon!

2013.01.14, 07:42 PM
Hello everyone,

I have been informed by Craig at I-Lap RC lap counter systems that there is an updated Mini-Z transponder in the works!

Info as of January 10, 2013 is that prototype testing will be underway within a few weeks. The size of the new transponder comes out to half the size of the current I-Lap transponder and the ICS lead is soldered directly on to save as much space as possible. Thickness will be same as current. (See attachment for pic. Original transponders depicted in color; Bottom-Left is prototype sketch)

Each I-Lap transponder has a unique ID number. An unlimited number of vehicles can be on the track at once.

Anyone who shied-away from the I-Lap lap counter system in the past because of the size of the transponders should definitely check this out!

I have been using I-Lap lap counter equipment for a couple years now and it is rock-solid. Not only that, but there are MANY choices for lap counting software.

Software compatible with I-LapRC:

RC Scoring Pro
Laps Free
Flipside Racing (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
JLap Race Manager
RCM (R/C and Rental Kart)

For anyone interested please send Craig an email through I-Lap's website www. rclapcounter.com .


2013.01.14, 08:33 PM
Awesome news :) :D

2013.01.15, 10:16 AM
Hopefully the new I-Lap transponders look as good as the old I-Lap transponders..:) Very high quality PCB and components used.

2013.01.15, 10:14 PM
Please feel free to post comments, questions, and ideas regarding the new transponders here in this thread as well as directly sending messages to I-Lap via the I-Lap website.

I-Lap has definitely been around for a while; It was originally developed for larger-scale RC - 1/10th, 1/12th, etc... Updates that are specific to Mini-Z & 1/28th scale RC, like shrinking the transponders, are more likely to attract I-Lap's attention by people sharing ideas (On this forum especially, being it is sort of the unofficial "official" Mini-Z forum of the Z community:D). The more talk about changes that would benefit I-Lap & Mini-Z the more likely these ideas will find their way to production.

2013.01.16, 01:19 PM
+1 on rock solid equipment!