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2013.01.15, 03:51 PM
Hey all, I'm back into Z's after a two year break. After spending a few weeks getting all my existing cars back up to speed I decided I wanted to build up a Porsche 906 on a new MR-03 chassis. Some of you may remember my fondness for all things Porsche Mini Z so it was a no brainer that I had to build up one of these classics.

I know some of you may think I'm nuts for building 86mm RM cars but hey that's me.

Question is which if any of the current PN, Kyosho, Atomic or other DPS systems will work on an 86mm RM setup? My Porsche 934 has a 3 Racing one but I can't seem to find these parts available anywhere. I'd prefer a PN, Kyosho or Atomic part. Anyone have any ideas?



2013.01.15, 05:04 PM
edit: Incorrect info giving by me

2013.01.15, 11:46 PM
i kinda remember you (and your porsche's)... the 906 looks pretty cramped in the back... don't actually have one and dunno if a dps would actually fit (without some modification)... wish i could be of more help... oh and welcome back :D

2013.01.16, 03:39 AM
The one I used


PN RM motormount.
Think it was Atomic DPS?? for 86mm
some modifications with styrene to fit
Used with Porsche 935

2013.01.16, 04:10 AM
that looks like it might fit... does it?

2013.01.16, 04:30 AM
I don't have the 906 so I don't know.
But you don't have to run with the top damper, just the DPS.
And you could probably remoce the shims underneath the DPS plate to get it lower to the chassi if it's needed.

2013.01.16, 08:23 AM
Thanks for the info. I'll look into the Atomic parts. The top damper won't fit with the 906 unless I remove the fake engine cover and carb pipes. I think it will be fine without the top damper shock.

What kind of frontend mods do you have on that thing? I see it's an MR-02 with some sort of narrow front end mods? Or is that an MR-03?


2013.01.16, 08:33 AM
I only have MR-03's.
So I ran it with the Reflex extra long kingpins, PN short MR-02 springs and Reflex delrin upper arms. Else stock up front.
Don't know if those extra long king pins will fit the 906.
If they don't I would get thos alu upper arms so that the arms don't flex.

2013.01.23, 10:05 AM
I ended up getting a Kyosho RM DPS. It won't work with a stock plastic motor mount but will work with the PN RM motor mount that I have on the 906.

I'll post some pics and driving impressions when I finish the project.


2014.02.13, 01:57 AM
finaly got a 906 myself.
Trying to figure it out.

But how did yours come along?
Any pictures?

What kind of offset did you end up with?

2014.02.13, 08:39 AM
pictures please :)

2014.02.13, 10:20 AM
Put a reflex front on it and the springs on top.

2014.02.13, 11:48 AM
Put a reflex front on it and the springs on top.


I don't want a big 4x4 look on it. I want it down low.
Can't use the Reflex front at all.

But see the other thread for pictures.