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2013.01.15, 10:19 PM
I just received a Kyosho Mini-Z buggy from my uncle. Just wonder why it costs more than other brands and costs more than some larger rc cars?

2013.01.15, 10:32 PM
That is an excellent question. Years ago it was much less difficult to explain the premium Kyosho demands. With the large jumps in pricing, there is no longer rational reasons to offer I'm afraid to say and admit. I can only surmise they think themselves the 'apple' of the RC world deserving of premium pricing.

2013.01.15, 11:15 PM
Wow... bitterness! :rolleyes:

I'm thinking 2 possible reasons here:

It's the fact that it is such a limited market for this scale and they are doing us a favor by staying with it instead of dumping it because it's probably not the most profitable.


They have us cornered because we are die-hard, limited market small scalers and they are bullying us for extra $$$.

I really don't know, I'm sure they invest much in R&D, but the last few products they came out with didn't seem to have the best showings. All speculation on my part.

One thing I am amazed at though is the fact that they have an excellent following here in the States and they don't seem to tap us for ideas all that much. I know the typical online communities can be pretty un-civil sometimes and it's hard to get clear information out of a group. But this site seems to be the opposite of that, everyone on here is pretty straightforward. I think it's a shame they aren't trying to get our opinions or insight into a product that some of us on here have been purchasing for the past decade!

I would crap my pants if they ever threw a poll on here asking us which car we would like to see Autoscaled next! :eek:

I've been running these cars for a while and even with all of this new pricing, and out of all of the other scales I've raced, these are still my favorite!

2013.01.16, 06:59 AM
Wow... bitterness!
nothing you and others have not said yourself in recent weeks :p still my favorite as well though, despite it all.

I would crap my pants if they ever threw a poll on here asking us which car we would like to see Autoscaled next! :eek:
this has been done once (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15612&page=2&highlight=kyosho+survey)that i know of back in 2004. wasn't exactly put up here but they actually offered a survey. it's a shame this isn't done on whatever their production cycles are set on.

2013.01.16, 09:27 AM
Maybe it's just the crack dealer philosophy... sell cheap at first, and when they get hooked, jack the prices!