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2013.01.16, 01:03 PM
In the racing facility, I see a 1/27 mini z runs extremely faster than my buggy. That is 1/24 scale, darn. I wish my buggy is faster than those small cars. I noticed these both run the same motors. Why is that? I wonder how fast can the 1/27 and 1/24 go?

2013.01.16, 02:16 PM
It's about drivetrain and efficiency. The buggy is awd thus has a lot more to move vs. a single pinion, diff and pair of wheels. You can always get a faster motor or hope Kyosho puts the brushless in the buggy where it shoul have been first.

2013.01.16, 05:41 PM
I don't know how true, but according to Wikipedia, a modified Mini Z cars can go up to 61mph or higher.


2013.01.16, 06:24 PM
You can make them go as fast as that....doesnt mean they handle any better.

A buggy with a stock motor will have issues keeping pace with MR-0whatevers with stockish motors. as a newcomer to mini-z you should concern yourself with driving a smooth clean racing line and staying off the rails. That way when you get a mini-z MR-0whatever you'll be more adept at the hard part of mini-z's....staying clean and out of trouble.;)