View Full Version : Guess how many racers!

2013.01.16, 11:23 PM
Anyone want to venture a guess as to how many we raced at once? :)

1st to guess correctly gets a free kt-18 replacement stand if you need one.


http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk193/Greg_Zielinski/th_IMAG0641_zps753a1cfc.jpg (http://s280.beta.photobucket.com/user/Greg_Zielinski/media/IMAG0641_zps753a1cfc.jpg.html)

2013.01.17, 12:45 AM
14? maybe..

2013.01.17, 02:32 AM
I guess 16?

2013.01.17, 06:23 AM
17 cars. There are always a few out of sight lol

2013.01.17, 09:04 AM
More than my club... :(

(:D envy)

Ok, I'll PM you the address to ship the stand to! ;)

2013.01.17, 10:21 AM
Unofficial guess 15 1/2? :D
Official guess 15...

2013.01.17, 12:48 PM
bcpzx3 is correct at 16. When the race started I heard all the i-lap transponders register and looked at the screen and saw 16 and said "I gotta get a picture of this". :)

PM me your address if you need a kt-18 clip :)

Hmm, I have more of these clips. Perhaps the next installment needs to be "name these motor pods".

2013.01.20, 09:46 AM
Congrats to bcpcx3 was actually going to say 16, but he already put it down firstů :D

DJ Rattray
2013.02.04, 10:56 PM
What is the adrress to this track? When do you race? What classes? What rules?

2013.02.04, 11:06 PM
Sorry I haven't been following this thread, I actually don't own a Kt-18, so if anyone else needs the clip I'd like to offer the one I've won.

2013.02.05, 09:58 AM
What is the adrress to this track? When do you race? What classes? What rules?

http://www.chiminirc.com is up to date with venue locations and times.

We race in Berkeley and Orland Park. The Berkeley race is this Sunday at 1pm and the address is 1200 Lind Ave, Berkeley, IL 60163.

As far as classes, we run only one class (Similar to HFAY rules and PNWC 70t), which is basically a motor limit of 70t (or you can use the Kyosho stock motor), nimh batteries, and rubber tires. Pretty much any hop-up is allowed. We are considering a box stock class.

Typically everyone races together. We don't split cars by level of upgrades but on a turnout with more than 7-8 people, we will split into groups of faster and slower drivers. It will have to do with track performance and not car upgrades. For example, I'll probably be racing in the faster group using a stock mr-02ex with bearings.