View Full Version : mini-z in guangzhou

2013.01.17, 09:59 AM
greetings folks, as fate would have it, i am in guanzhou, china…
anybody know if mini-z's exist in this place? hoping somebody could give me some tips on what to do see around here…

thanks in advance

2013.01.19, 11:40 AM
My uncle bought me a mini z buggy from Hong Kong.

2013.01.21, 09:36 PM
My uncle bought me a mini z buggy from Hong Kong.

that's nice to know... he probably got it from here (click me) (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=316912#post316912) :D

2013.01.21, 09:43 PM
just came back... although i didn't see any mini-z's (as it wasn't my main purpose of my trip)... i was able to see some different scale r/c's (ranging from toy grade to hobby grade) on the streets... :D

2013.08.12, 05:59 AM
planning another trip to guangzhou aug 21-26.... i remember reading someplace that kyosho has a plant somewhere there... anybody else been there? any mini-z shops/tracks?....

2014.03.12, 09:23 PM
just in case anybody wants to know...

i got back from guangzhou a couple of months back... it was a hectic trip... there is some good news and bad news...

good news... found out that there are mini-z's in guangzhou.... :D
got one contact c/o mymenson (anybody know his real name? i think he's the guy behind atomic?)
and the other contact c/o kevin (aka rcdna on these forums) he's the guy i met at the rcphk track (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39602) in hong kong... due to the language barrier... i'm not too sure if they are a shop or track or a combination shop/track set up...

bad news... although i was able to talk to them, i was unfortunate enough not to have the time to visit them...

hopefully i will get the chance to go and meet them... anyway i got the contact nos if anybody is interested...

man china is such a really really big big place...