View Full Version : Empty oil shock

2013.01.19, 02:08 AM
I opened the oil shocks, the front set. These are empty. I assume the rear set are empty, too. Is that normal, or do I need to fill these oil shocks immediately?

2013.01.19, 03:11 AM
If you want them to work as shocks and not just springs I guess you might consider some shock oil....from my view of the Z Buggy shocks they appear to be able to house some oil.

2013.01.19, 05:52 AM
There is a bottle packed together with the car. Use this or go a tad thicker.

You are not supposed to run these shocks empty.

2013.01.19, 11:39 AM
I thought these shocks have already been filled and ready to run. Is it possible the oil leaks from the shock?

2013.01.19, 05:39 PM
they do not come filled, you must fill them using the method prescribed in the manual.

yes, it is possible for them to leak.

2013.01.20, 07:57 PM
How often do you refill those shocks?

2013.01.21, 07:17 AM
Depening on your personal usage. The ones used in my Lazer Buggy need refill pretty fast (but we have a demanding course with big jumps), the ones used as shock for my 03 last for more than 5 months right now.