View Full Version : Wrist pain

2013.01.19, 11:49 AM
Have you experienced a wrist pain after driving you mini z for hours and everyday?

2013.01.19, 12:58 PM
Nope.. I notice some guys get hand cramps, I have never had issues with that either.

Use a Lipo battery in your transmitter instead of AA
Break the habit of gripping your steering wheel so hard (if you do)
Be gentle on the throttle finger
Relax your arms (I hold the transmitter down near my hip)

Its quite annoying when a driver holds the transmitter up to their chest level, drivers standing next to them can't see parts of the track.

2013.01.19, 02:03 PM
I didn't know you can put lipo in the transmitter. How do you do that?

2013.01.24, 02:13 PM
It depends on transmitter type and whether its a modification or a plug and play.

I get wrist pain but its a recurring thing anyways due to my business. Take breaks between heats and shake your arms out/down to improve your circulation and stretch your wrists:

1. Inner forearm facing up, open palm and flex down. You should do these stretches lightly and quickly instead of holding them for an extended period.

2. Inner forearm facing down and close hand over thumb and stretch downwards. Again a stretch that should be light and quick.