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2013.01.21, 02:27 PM
I am going to keep this one pretty simple with minor body mods.

The front bumper has a piece that protrudes at the bottom, and squares off at the ends.


First thing I did was shave that off.


Next I cut out a little under tray to give me a surface to glue some pieces on to lower the front bumper.


Cut some styrene strips as a base.


Glued them on, and added strips to lower the side skirts as well.


Added some putty, and primed it. I still need to sand it down and add more putty. It's still pretty rough.





That's as far as i've gotten so far.

Wheel setup/Ride height:

F- 0deg wides with 4.5 camber, and I shaved the tires down so they're super thin. The shape of the S15 fenders don't allow much room for travel even after I shaved the plastic down (on both tire and fender).

R- 1.5deg narrows with 0 camber. The rims are perfectly in line with the fender and rub under load, so i'm going to order some 1.5deg camber knuckles. The 0deg wides don't fit at all unfortunately, so i'll have to order some 1.5deg narrow TE37s to match.

I want the car to have the tucked rim look in the rear, so my only option is to run a narrow wheel. Mainly because I don't like running camber in the rear, because the car doesn't handle as well. This is going to be my racing body, and I want to keep it functional as well as cool looking. To get the car so low I spaced the front clip, and moved the body clips up higher. I'm glad I still have my springs in this time, because the car handles much better (go figure haha).

The only other thing I plan on doing is making a custom spoiler and maybe some mirrors. Like I said, i'm going to keep this one simple since i'll be bashing it.

Oh, and this one is going to be red :)

Thanks for looking!

2013.01.21, 07:10 PM
Pm me your address, faze...pretty sure I have some knuckles you can have.

2013.02.08, 05:29 PM
finished up the ganador mirrors and primed the body.


I'm laying down some tamiya italian red tonight, shouldn't be too long before it's done.

I'm probably going to put my mini-z up for sale along with this body when i'm done if anyone is interested.

2013.02.09, 06:28 PM
I'm going to let the body sit overnight before I paint all the trim.


2013.02.10, 02:50 AM
Nice -- looks glossier than the last one. Time to cover it with something for dust/wind protection. ;)

2013.02.10, 03:04 AM
Clean look.
Like it!

2013.02.10, 12:58 PM
Nice -- looks glossier than the last one. Time to cover it with something for dust/wind protection. ;)

Funny you say that. I accidentally bought semi-gloss clear and didn't realize it until after I sprayed it. Oh well haha.

Someone needs to buy my mini-z before I trash this body

2013.02.10, 02:56 PM
Not happy with how it turned out.

I glued the body mounts too low AND lopsided. I have no idea how since I glued them exactly where they were in all my mock up pics. I'm afraid to remove them, because they'll probably break (The glue I use is super strong). Since they're lopsided, the front driver side sits way high, and the passenger rear sits way low. Blah.

I rushed the trim and the paint leaked on the front bumper openings. It ate through the paint a little.

To top everything off, the antenna snapped in half when I tried to put the body on >.<.


rear too low

front too high



I need to re-glue the clips, or just throw the body in the trash haha.

Edit, I broke the clips off and glued them a little lower. We'll see what it looks like once they're dry.

Edit #2, okay ride height is fixed. I'll post some completed pictures tomorrow

2013.02.11, 10:21 AM








Buy it!

2013.02.12, 11:57 PM
Looks great! Needs more rear tire. :p

2013.02.13, 06:53 AM
Not happy with how it turned out....

is that why it's on ebay?

2013.02.13, 02:05 PM
It's on eBay, because I want to get a 1/10th scale car to build.

I wasn't happy with the body, because I rushed it. I usually take forever to do projects. It still looks good, but I could have spent some more time on the paint job. I would have made a custom spoiler, finished the light buckets better, and put decals on it probably. I just really want to build a 1/10th drifter after seeing all the cool bodies.