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2013.01.23, 01:20 AM
Where can I buy front pair and rear pair of slick tires? I drive my buggy indoor racetrack, and it keeps drifting a lot. Well, very big drifting.

2013.01.23, 12:33 PM
i would recommend either the pn racing treaded tires or the atomic treaded tires, there is also on road tires that atomic makes but i would recommend the pn tires which can be found at kenonhobby.com

2013.01.26, 09:26 PM
I found these. These tires look like for the rear. I don't have to worry about the front tires? What are 20deg and 30deg?

2013.01.27, 07:45 AM
the degrees tell you the shore of the tire. The lower the number the softer the tire. The softer the tire the more grip but less life you will get. You will probably want to get tires for the front too.

2013.01.27, 05:46 PM
Thanks, it is good to know.

2013.01.29, 11:24 PM
I bought a front and rear pair of PN Racing rims. When I inserted a rim, I can't tighten with a nut. Looks like the center of the rim is little too thick. I guess I have to use dremel to sand it off. Any tip?

2013.01.30, 05:37 PM
you need the pn wheel nut driver or you could just dremel a bit

2013.01.30, 07:44 PM
Can you provide a link. I can't find pn wheel nut driver.

2013.01.30, 11:52 PM

2013.01.31, 01:52 AM
What about the plastic tool that comes with the package? Is that a same thing to remove a plastic nut from the rim?

2013.01.31, 06:38 AM
it should have come with a plastic wrench for that, but still may be to fat for some aftermarket wheels. it's not uncommon to have to sand or grind down a wrench to fit in some wheels.

i'm sure the manual has a nice diagram illustrating how to remove the wheels.

2013.01.31, 01:59 PM

This is what I'm talking about. The axial doesn't come out further to use a nut to tighten the rim. I think the rim is a little bit thick than the stock one. The only option I have is to sand it down.

2013.01.31, 02:22 PM
push the dog bone from the back side. some times when you press on a wheel, ti pushes the dog bones bag to far for wheel nut to get a bite on the threads. i doubt the wheel is to thick, but it wouldn't be the first time a bad part slipped through the cracks.

2013.01.31, 05:39 PM
I tried that. I dismantle the part and push the dog bone and axial behind. The stock rim is easy to mount. However, I still have to sand the aftermarket rims.

2013.01.31, 06:50 PM
maybe just the little place where it mounts is to tight and you need to push it in harder, sometimes the tolerances are a bit tight with pn parts... not that thats a bad thing it provides less slop just sometimes it can be a pain.

2013.01.31, 07:42 PM
C'mon guys, these pn racing rims are thick. Just admit it.