View Full Version : Strongest / safest motor for stock MR02?

RonJon Wheels
2013.01.26, 12:06 AM
I finally gain traction on tile floor with PN racing 6 degree wide tires. So now I am able to handle more power, any suggestions on the strongest and safest option with modding the board or ruining it?

What about bearings too, found some cheap ones, but wondered if they go bad considering the low price.

2013.01.26, 06:55 AM
Bearings can be maintained no matter the price.

2.4ghz mr02 with a motor mount with screw holes? You've got quite a few choices...I'd suggest a bit of a read since I'm not a huge fan of "super stock" class motors. I've had many but I enjoy 70 turn motors more than any other.

I've had upto a 48 turn motor used on a stock Fet board without issue.

Mike Keely
2013.01.26, 07:09 AM
You could run a Kyosho X-speed or PN 50 turn motor with no modding needed on the PC board. Both of these motors can be used in the stock plastic motor pod. Some of the mod motors need screws to hold them into a aftermarket motor pod.

The X-speed and 50 turn motor will be much faster then the stock motor.

RonJon Wheels
2013.01.26, 09:15 AM
Thanks, X Speed it is. Berings too. Gonna grab some metal wheel lug nuts, a nice body (I'm in love with the Lambo Countach) and some Team Atlas wheels. Should be all set for a little... Until the itch for the AWD comes back, lol.

Here's a few shots of the foam tires and wheels, and some first time mods. I'm getting more into the fun aspect rather than the competition aspect of the mini z.







2013.01.26, 10:42 PM
Nice start! As far as motor goes, there's really no need to slap on too much unless you really like to give yourself a hard time.

ASF MR02/03 cars can easily run a PN 43t motor with no modifications needed, but it's pretty torquey, probably too much for a tile floor. The PN 50t or Kyosho XSpeed are good motors for having a bit more fun on tile without ruining the experience.

2013.01.27, 05:30 AM
Since the ASF boards came out we have had roughly 20 cars here with 33 turn motors without changing FET's. Not one single failure.
Basically all newer Z motors should be safe with stock asf electronics.