View Full Version : hong kong - mar 1-3

2013.01.27, 09:29 PM
as fate would have it... i will be in h.k. mar1-3... it will be a quick trip... so i'm not too sure i'll be able to visit asia's r/c capital... maybe a last minute mad dash to drop by and visit too see the latest that they got... hopefully might squeeze in a short visit to the tracks as well... :D

considering that the chinese new year is coming (i believe it's somewhere between feb10-28) i was wondering if sales (stores there usually give huge sales discounts just before the new year) would spill over to march...

if so, i just might consider getting a mr03ve... :D and a couple of bodies...
i.e. r8, 458, the new citroen :D

anybody know the current prices in h.k.?

thanks for any response... :D

2013.01.28, 09:13 AM
Here you are! EGR mart (http://www.egrracing.com/shop/index.php?main_page=contact_us)