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2013.01.28, 09:50 AM
Starting this thread so I can just post pics in one place so as to avoid (or possibly create) confusion in the individual parts threads. They get pretty pic heavy sometimes so I'm hoping this becomes a better connection to get everyone's images up here.

I'll start off! :D

Here's my Ferrari all decked out with some freshly Sharpie'd gear, this is the Pre-2.4 Bumper and the F1 Rear Wing V1. The red didn't match up exactly but then again, there was no taping or breathing apparatus required and it took a whole 10 minutes to pull it off. Both of these parts were ordered in the White material, the wing was ordered in Polished:





On the track, the color match really isn't noticeable! ;)

2013.01.28, 09:56 AM
Here's Gasman's wing... he actually cares what his cars look like!:


This was a White, Un-polished wing before it's beautification process.

2017.11.21, 09:28 PM
greetings! can somebody post pics of the f1 dummy chassis with and without a body?
thanks in advance.