View Full Version : bcpzx3 FETT SERVICE

2013.02.02, 12:17 AM
Just got 4 03 boards back from getting re-fetted and stacked. Tony got the boards from me on a Saturday and shipped them out on Monday, already.:) His work looked excellent and all run perfect. Highly recomend Tony for fett service.:)

2013.02.08, 06:33 PM
I sent 2 MR03 boards to Tony, HE sent messages to make sure he was doing them to what i wanted and HAd great info. I plan to send more boards to him!! ALso great guy to help with mini z info!!

Thanks Tom #93

2013.02.12, 09:48 AM
should have made this earlier when i purchased other parts from him, but here it goes:

excellent guy to deal w/ FAST shipping AND work. i bought numerous parts from him and just recieved a board back. craftsmanship, as a newb looking in, looks fantastic to me. small situation that i think can easily be rectified w/ no issues, not even worth mentioning. will easily do business w/ again. here are a couple pics of his work :D



cant wait to fire it up

2013.02.14, 06:39 PM
i sent 4 boards off to tony last week. he got them on wednesday and sent them back on thursday. cant ask for faster turn around. got the boards on wednesday of this week and everything looked factory. i have only installed one board and it worked as expected, and i m sure the rest will be fine once i get around to putting them in. the slow shipping was in no part tonys fault. the usps held it at one location for 4 days. we being sending more boards his way soon.

2013.05.15, 03:52 PM
I got my 3 stack back and boy does it fly. Soldering looked nice and neat. No problems, couldnt be happier.