View Full Version : Flip Side on Windows 8 ?

2013.02.02, 12:27 PM
Hello I have tryed to search but no result
I trying too install FlipSideRacing Windows installer (V12) And i just get a grey picture.
Is it too early to test?:confused:

I am not a Z racer just working with MAGracing! :)

2013.02.02, 05:51 PM
Now I have download the .Zip version and its up and running so far.

Is it a meining to translate the software to swedish?

2013.02.02, 10:04 PM
Thanks for letting me know about this. I was not aware the installer was having trouble running in Windows 8. Right now I do not have access to a Windows 8 machine so it may take me a bit to get this working right.

It is not too early to test, I was hoping my changes for Windows 7 would be enough. I also figured someone I know would have ended up with a Windows 8 system however they seem to be quite rare around here. Everyone seems to be getting Mac's, Ipad's, Android Tablets and Windows 7 computers around here.

I use BitRock to build the installer. This is a commercial product however my license has expired. It looks liked they released an update in November with fixes for Windows 8 so I probably need to renew my license so I can get that update. Let me dig into this further.

As for a Swedish translation no one has done any work on that yet so I would welcome someone doing that work. I can provide instructions on how to do it if you are interested. Just PM your email address and I can get you started.

2015.10.13, 08:51 PM
As a quick update to this, the Windows installer also does not work in Windows 10. Use the ZIP file instead.