View Full Version : fet upgrade gone bad?

2013.02.07, 12:37 AM
I had my board fet'ed by an soldering capable guy, working in a repair shop..

However here's the problem, boards works but, the throttle "sticks" and when you get of the throttle it can sometimes stay on... sort of like a cruice control...

where could this come from?
I thought it was my radio but it has now been reproduced with a different radio.

board is a Mr03 2.4Ghz board.

2013.02.07, 12:51 AM
Yes, that can be caused by a fet job that isn't soldered properly. Eventually its going to smoke and blow all the fets. I would think either one of the very small resistors on the PC board was disturbed or one of the gate pins on a fet is not soldered properly. Do not use it again until the solder connections have been verified.

2013.02.07, 02:22 AM
Its ok if the FET smokes up and burns, it will not damage the board, but you will need to replace the FETs once they smoke up of course.


2013.02.07, 09:54 AM
I would re-touch all the fet connections, make doubly sure your main power wires are shorting on each other or the battery terminals (this happened to one of my AMs a long time ago, throttle reacted the same way), and check for shorts anywhere else as well.

If it still does it after all of this, I'd check the settings on the board to see if something got out of whack.

All else fails... re-swap the fets.